Dia de los Muertos: Long Live the Artists! Exhibition & Workshops at the Bath House


Día de los Muertos: Long Live the Artists!
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October 15-November 12, 2016

Reception: Sunday, October 16 (5-7 PM)

In addition to celebrating the 30th anniversary of its popular Día de los Muertos exhibition in 2016, the Bath House Cultural Center is also commemorating 35 years of fostering and presenting visual and performing art programs in Dallas. In response to these significant milestones, the 65 artists participating in the Dia de los Muertos: Long Live the Artists!exhibition created works of art that pay tribute to famous and yet-to-be-famous artists who have passed on, whose legacy and inspiration still resonate vividly in the artistic community and in the heart of the artists creating the pieces for the show.

To illustrate the variety of art forms that are presented throughout the year in the art galleries and on the theater stage of the Bath House Cultural Center, the Dia de los Muertos exhibition showcases pieces that honor artist from the visual, performing, and literary art world. The merging of artist memorials and the Mexican celebration of the Dia de los Muertos creates a fascinating collection of artworks that are inspired by creative and transcendental individuals such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, Prince, David Bowie, Juan Gabriel, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and the late actress, author and art advocate, Ronnie Claire Edwards, among many other artists.

The exhibition features artwork by local, national, and international artists, including: Lauren Alexander, Robin Bachtler Cushman, Rita Barnard, Lorna Beasley, Laura Beikman, Kymberli Black, Angie Bolling, Bernard Bortnick, Amy Branch-Lambert, Catrina Briscoe, Kim Carothers, Dwayne Carter, A. Eilene Carver, Vicki Charlotta, Hunter Connor, Cynthia Daniel, Jerry Dodd, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Brett Dyer, Lorenzo Escobar, Luciano Escobar, Stephen Evans, Cathy Fields, Jacque Forsher, Ann Gaspari, Denise Graham, Rebecca Guy, George Hensley, Catherine Hicks, Sherry Houpt, Lisa Huffaker, Kathy Knapp, Joanna LaGrone-Headrick, Mavis Leahy, Jackie Maclelland, Leticia Magaña, Kerian Massey, César Mateos, Cyndi McDonnell, Marcela Mihaloglou, Deb Miller, Louise Murdock, Sharon O’Callaghan Shero, Elias Olmos, Eva Peña, Olivia Peregrino, Kelly Pevehouse, Liliana Ramirez, Gabriel Ramirez , Jennifer Rodriguez, Guillaume Roumeguere, Dulce Ruqué, Balmore Salazar , Evan Sartin, Fancy Tanner, Madeleine Terry, Sammy Thomason, Alexandra Tomalá, Diane Torres, Jose Vargas, Alberto Villalobos, Lisa Vollrath and Cheryl Vorhis.

Enrique Fernández Cervantes has curated the Día de los Muertos exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center since 1999.

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Día de los Muertos Workshops

Sunday, October 16, 2016
(12:30-4 PM)

Start your Day of the Dead celebration early this year by participating in some of the free Dia de los Muertos art workshops offered by local artists at the Bath House.

All the workshops are free and open to the public, but space is limited to 20 participants per class, so get there early!

12:30-2 PM

Workshop 1 – Day of the Dead paintings on canvas. Instructor: Eva Azul.

Workshop 2 – Day of the Dead puppets (class for children) – Instructor: Marcela Mihaloglou.

2:30-4 PM

Workshop 1 – Devotional Day of the Dead candles. Instructor: Jose Vargas.

Workshop 2 – Remembering Your Loved One with a “Wish Key.” Instructor: Jacque Forsher.

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