Delia deVer: Communicating with Plants Exhibit

deVerBRIT show Invite

Communicating with Plants: Paintings & drawings by Delia deVer. Nov. 7, 2015 – Jan. 7, 2016

Reception Nov. 14 1-3pm

Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth

Artist statement: Above all else, this collection of art is my way of speaking on behalf of wilderness plant life and all the life they support to people that see the beauty and understand how interconnected we all are, as well as to those that can be reached by the power of their silent song for the first time at any moment.

My approach is to sit for a long while, as a gentle visitor, in wild lands from local Fort Worth prairies, the Texas hill country, west Texas to the Oregon coast and the wildest lands of Baja California. Some paintings are created in my Fort Worth studio based on the location work and the energy and understanding I carry back with me.

My approach is expressionistic and abstract with a merging of both my eastern and western art practices. They are not romantic, idealized images of nature because that does not seem true for our times. They are loosely botanically correct depictions.

I express in my work the incredible aliveness, unique forms and the sublime joy that wild plants give abundantly, often without notice. I share concern and send requests to all those that can make a difference for their protection and continuation in rural, wild lands and cities.

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