Opening Date: October 22nd

Closing Date: December 10th

Reception: Saturday, October 22nd 4PM to 8PM

Participating Artists: Stephen Battle, Danville Chadbourne, Janet Chaffee and Benito Huerta, Christian De Leon, Trey Egan, Angel Fernandez, John Hartley, Omar Hernandez, Trish Igo and Jill O’Brien, Carol Ivey

John Matson, Jason Reynaga, Winter Rusiloski, Fred Spaulding, Evan Summer, Elaine Taylor

Giovanni Valderas, Ron Watson, Tiffany Wolf Smith

Exhibition Title: deadWEST: STRUCTURE AND CHANGE

Venue: deadWEST: GALLERY AND STUDIO- 304 Aquilla Drive, Lakeside, Texas 76108



deadWEST: STRUCTURE AND CHANGE is an exhibition of artists working in a variety of media that takes place in Winter Rusiloski and Angel Fernandez’s studio. DeadWEST: GALLERY AND STUDIO was conceived as an alternative artist space in North Texas, with a location that is due west of the Dallas and Fort Worth Cultural Districts. Rusiloski is a transplant of the Northeastern United States to Texas, and Fernandez is a transplant of Mexico to Texas, to the Northeast and back to Texas. This is their third curatorial collaboration where numerous themes percolate throughout the works of selected artists; the two dominant themes are STRUCTURE and CHANGE.

Numerous artists address physical and geometric STRUCTURE within their work. The varied media is given a permanent and solid quality while others defy specific definition in their use of atmospheric and fleeting characteristics. Material is of paramount importance in the embrace of craftsmanship and process.

CHANGE is a dominant theme in regard to transformation of materials. Some are repurposed constructions born from discarded elements while others contextualize materials in unexpected ways.  In addition to physical CHANGE there is an exploration of shifting social and cultural dynamics.

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