WAAS Gallery presents “Converge,” as it celebrates four years in Dallas with an inaugural art sale (DALLAS, September 2015; source: CultureHype) – WAAS Gallery is pleased to celebrate their fourth year in Dallas with “Converge,” a meet and greet anniversary event hosted by the gallery. “Converge” marks the beginning of a week-long annual sale, sponsored by HYSTERIA and ORIGIN Magazine, to promote the gallery, with resident artists hand-selecting works of their own to be sold at a limited time price.

The event will kick off on Friday, Sept. 18 from 8 p.m. to midnight with performances by electronic group Uptown Goths at 8 p.m. and hip-hop artist That Kid Cam at 11:30 p.m.

The gallery will also show a special screening of “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” at 9:45 p.m., a documentary about the birth of the women’s liberation movement in the 1960’s by Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy. The pop-up sale will continue to take place on Saturday, Sept. 19 from noon until 5 p.m. with a performance by female LGBTQ rapper Alsace at 2 p.m. WAAS Gallery is located at 2722 Logan Street, Dallas, Texas 75215.

Owner and art agent Brandy Michele Adams, along with the gallery’s new curator and partner, Emma Saperstein, will open WAAS Gallery’s doors for a special fourth anniversary event to honor the new curator that will also mark the beginning of an inaugural art sale and celebrate a new generation of WAAS. The event will offer Dallas dwellers and art appreciators an opportunity to meet Saperstein, learn about the duo’s big plans for the future of WAAS Gallery moving into 2016, and browse the sale of art from the gallery’s 2011 through 2015 inventory. Working hand-in-hand with the wide array of talented artists WAAS has showcased in the last year, Adams has chosen a select group of works to offer at limited-time prices for local art collectors. The inaugural art sale will feature works from artists across the country, including fine art prints, limited edition photography and posters, sculpture and paintings.

Saperstein, a graduate of Wheaton College and the New York Center for Art and Media Studies, was a natural fit for Adams from the beginning. A social practice artist, Saperstein shares a passion for showcasing social and political issues that the pair believes should be at the forefront of public conversation. Saperstein has worked in curating, small-print publishing and alternative art spaces in Chicago, New Haven and New York. Her work has been exhibited at MANA Contemporary in Chicago and the Rockford Museum of Art in Rockford, Illinois. As the new curator of WAAS, she hopes to take the conversation of the gallery’s art exhibitions to a higher level of discourse, while encouraging the gallery to showcase more female and international artists and expand to new mediums.

“I am deeply passionate about the creative community that is emerging here in Dallas,” said Saperstein. “As the whole city expands rapidly, it is a critical moment for Dallas and the arts, and I can’t wait to help form and contribute to that conversation.”

Major changes are in store for the gallery as it moves into its fifth year of operation. In 2016, the gallery will become hyper-focused on several aspects of its existing programming, while introducing new programming ideas such as artist residencies, fostering artist relationships and building a strong international artist network. The gallery will also begin featuring sculptures and installations. Guests can look forward to intimate on-site events such as film screenings, performance art and panel discussions. Thematically, guests will notice many pieces incorporating the contemporary movement, gender equality and a modern mindset focused on equally highlighting female artwork alongside male artwork. With a vast majority of today’s gallery representation veering towards male artists, Saperstein and Adams hope to offer much-needed support for local female artists in the metroplex and beyond.

“WAAS Gallery’s future is bright,” said Founder and Art Dealer Brandy Adams. “I am so excited to be celebrating feminism and re-branding with Emma Saperstein. Emma and I will make a wonderful team as we blend our visions, ideas and educations here in the Dallas Fine Arts community.”

While WAAS will place a large emphasis on supporting art from female artists in 2016, they also have plans on exhibiting work from male artists who share the same thoughts on gender equality. To round out this year, the gallery will showcase the artwork of two talented local painters, Caroline Oliver and Matthew Brinston.

Oliver’s exhibition, titled “Acid Rain,” will be on view from Saturday, Oct. 3 until Friday, Oct. 30. The gallery will host an artist reception on Saturday, Oct. 3 from 6 until 9 p.m. “I Wish I Were Me,” Brinston’s new body of work, will be on view from Thursday, Nov. 12 through Thursday, Dec. 31 with an artist reception on Thursday, Nov. 12 from 6 until 9 p.m.

“It’s great to see a movement beginning to stir in Dallas’ growing art scene,” said Brinston. “WAAS is setting itself apart by focusing on how equality in the arts can propel the creative community, along with the city of Dallas in general, forward.”

About WAAS Gallery – Dallas
Since its inception in 2011, WAAS Gallery has proudly served as a local incubator for the community by embracing emerging and established artists on both local and international levels. Known for our commitment to an artist/buyer friendly platform dedicated to showcasing exciting, relevant, and innovative work from significant artists, we focus on creating a hybrid exhibition environment that not only serves as a traditional gallery, but also invokes the feel of museum quality installations. The first gallery to introduce popular artists such as Jonathan Ramirez and Drew Merritt, along with established art icons including famed designer Milton Glaser and renowned muralist HENSE, WAAS Gallery is a gladiator for the promotion of progressive evolution for the city of Dallas. As the saying at WAAS Gallery goes, “Art Saves Lives.”

About WAAS Gallery – Los Angeles
After meeting NRG Recording owner Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Evanescence) in 2013, WAAS Gallery Founder and Art Dealer Brandy Michele Adams was asked to curate and elevate the world class recording and production facility in Los Angeles. For over two years, Adams has exhibited many celebrity artists from the California area, along with emerging artists from Texas, in the space. Through WAAS
Gallery’s partnership with NRG Recording, numerous exhibitions have been curated and produced by Adams, hyper-focused on integrating critical thinking into the dialogue of the space. For more information on NRG Recording, please visit

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