Closing reception for photography exhibitions at the Bath House Cultural Center

Closing Reception
Saturday, January 31, 2015(3-5 PM)

Please join us for a closing reception for the exhibitions Time and Places: Where Light Resides and Levitas: A Photographic Investigation of Weightlessness this Saturday, January 31.

This casual event will give you a chance to meet many of the participating artists who will be in attendance greeting the public and talking about their works.

If you missed the opening reception for these shows back in December (or even if you were here for that event but you thought it was so good, you just have to come back again), now you have a chance to come to meet the artists, see some wonderful works of art, and enjoy the company of other people who love the arts as much as you do.

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See you there!

Time and Places: Where Light Resides
Sharon O'Callaghan Shero
Sharon O’Callaghan Shero

Through January 31, 2015

Time and Places: Where Light Resides presents an inspiring collection of photographs by local artists Dan Richard Barber, Philip Goodman, Essie P. Graham, and Sharon O’Callaghan Shero. These artists share an understanding that photography is an incredible tool that is inherently capable of communicating personal narratives with a level of fluency and expressiveness that is often difficult to accomplish by the spoken or written word. They also recognize that the camera can be used very effectively to reveal things that often go unnoticed or disregarded and that photography in general may be used to expose the beautiful complexities of the world around us.

As the title implies, the works of art in this exhibition examine ideas and notions related to the theme of time, places, and light—all integral elements of the photographic arts. Although well versed in the techniques of traditional photography, all the artists in this show repeatedly make use of alternative methods of the medium that include digital collaging, image manipulation, alteration of perspectives, and the depiction of imagery that often appears to come from the artists’ imagination rather than from reality. With a variety of creative approaches to their depiction of stories and ideas, these artists are constantly advancing their vision and their craft with innovative style, inquisitive eye, and creative imagination.

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Levitas: A Photographic Investigation of Weightlessness
Jacque Forsher
Jacque Forsher

Through January 31, 2015
Weightlessness is unquestionably a complex and abstract concept that may pose some level of difficulty for an artist who is interested in representing it in a visual form. It is perhaps an easier task to describe something that has no weight with our words and in terms of the laws of physics and science than it is to depict or describe the quality of having little or no reaction whatsoever to the forces of gravity with a work of art. The seventeen photographers in the Levitas: A Photographic Investigation of Weightlessnessexhibition were asked to take on the challenge of considering the theme of the show to create a photographic image that best captures their ideas, narratives, and responses concerning lightness, zero g-forces, defiance of gravity, airiness, levity, and ethereality.

The small scale of the square ten-inch photographic prints and their minimalist presentation format also responds to the overall theme of lightness and dispossession of much weight and mass.

The artists participating in this exhibition are: Lori Bandi, Tatyana Bessmertnaya, Chris Burt, Gabrielle Castañeda-Pruitt, J R Compton, Misty Dean, Jacque Forsher, Sandra Freeman, Peta Jones, Elizabeth Mellot, Sharon Neel-Bagley, Jana C. Perez, Sam Reeves, Shawn Saumell, Kathleen Wilke, Angilee Wilkerson and Mary Kathryn Wimberly.

Enrique Fernández Cervantes curated this exhibition.

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The Art of Nature: Art by Silvia Thornton and Anne Neal
Silvia Thornton
Silvia Thornton

Through January 31, 2015

The White Rock Lake Museum, located inside the Bath House Cultural Center, presents The Art of Nature, a mixed media art exhibition that features recent works bySilvia Thornton and Anne Neal. The exhibition pays homage to nature by exploring organic forms and processes selected by the two artists to create their works of art. The art investigates the creative potential of natural materials and serves as a form of expression that the artists use to communicate ideas that come from their life experiences, love of art, and unlimited imagination.

The works in this exhibition show what happens when an artist’s inspiration is applied to gifts from nature and earth. Silvia and Anne incorporate, among other natural materials, beeswax, linseed oil, tree resin, glass, papers, wood, metals, micas, leaves, twigs, and sea corals in their work. While some of the pieces in this show are made with materials from nature that have been repurposed or altered in some artistic way to support their new artistic manifestation, many of the works also include unaltered natural elements that are blended with encaustic painting and fused glass.

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