Chris Panatier, The Promise, at Wall Gallery

chris panatier
SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015 5PM-8PM
Preview THE PROMISE by artist Chris Panatier at WALL Gallery in the Dallas Design District. Utilizing rich bright oils and abstract layers, Panatier creates gracefl movement with color on canvas and palate knife.  Motivated by music, the artists artistic flow is characterized by the variability of his series and remarkable depth of which he says comes about through an intense painting process.  Chris revisits a bold technique in his latest body of work THE PROMISE on exhibition at WALL Gallery through June 13, 2015.  Join us for an evening of art and conversation at WALL on Dragon.
Chris Panatier
Chris views music as the fuel for everything he does. He doesn’t think of it as ambient noise or light-hearted entertainment, but rather as an essential element of life. Chris credits his love of music (especially extreme metal) for bringing his art to where it is today. As his passion for music deepened over the last five years or so, so did Chris’s commitment to forcing himself to broaden his imagination, creativity and technical skill. The effort put forth by some of Chris’s favorite bands stood as an example for him and where he would commit to take his art. Chris’s art occupies three distinct genres: heavy oil abstracts and figurative oil work that have been exhibited on many occasions and album art for metal bands in the U.S., U.K., Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Denmark.
Chris is self taught but looks up to and is influenced by Michael Borremans, Jeremy Geddes, Jenny Saville, Linde Martin, JMW Turner and many more.
Chris’s latest series of abstract oil paintings entitled “The Promise” encompasses his attempt to fix emotion in visual form directly onto the canvas.
Chris was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. He has been a trial lawyer for fifteen years, a drummer for five years, retired from amateur rugby for three years and father to a cherub for one year.
DoubleU_WallWALL Gallery
1529 Dragon Street
Dallas, TX 75207

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