Carle Shi opens Nov. 21 at the Wall Gallery


Percieving, Oil on Canvas 72×67

WHAT: Art Exhibition for Carle Shi: “Shi has something to say.”
Chinese artist Carle Shi merges her trademark bubbled pop art, with her signature realism by blending Rembrandt style artistry and pointillism techniques (bubbles) on large scale canvases conceiving an entirely unique visual experience. Painting sobering portraits and themes in her earlier work while keeping the same subject matter of sexuality, Shi further manipulates space and human responsiveness to sex that ultimately transcend cultural ideologies. International pop artist Carle Shi elicits emotion on canvas, while confronting the sexual appetite of all things in the universe. The cubic style and hyperrealist images of Miss Shi deconstruct space time and fuse portraiture with philosophical meaning. Carle Shi’s highly recognizable original artistry echoes in China and around the world, but is never duplicated. This solo exhibition debuts the evolution of Carle Shi’s passionate international pop movement, and includes the extraordinary double portrait “Anthony Haden-Guest” exhibited in a group show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC, in 2006. Solidifying moments in time, Shi optically confounds the viewer, and invites you to experience a personalized narrative of a conditioned give and take relationship that envelopes connectedness and sexuality. Join us for an evening of art, cocktails, and artful conversation at WALL Gallery in the Dallas Design District from 5-8pm for “Shi has something to say”.
    1529 Dragon Street
    Dallas, Texas 75207
WHEN: Saturday November 21, 2015 5-8pm
ARTIST BIO:  A painter known for her detailed and precise still life paintings, Carle Shi graduated from the Tianjin Design of Art School in China (1982) and from the Tianjin Academy of Art in China (1988). After immigrating to the United States in 1989, she settled in California. In 1992, she began her professional career as a painter, focusing on still life work in which she portrayed fruit and used a technique inspired by seventeenth-century Dutch still life, and by a classical approach to composition. Shi moved to New York in 1998, and completed her masters degree at the Graduate School of Figurative Art at the New York Academy of Art (2000). In New York, she added portraits and figural subjects to her repertoire, working in a style that combines classical and contemporary approaches.
2014 Solo exhibition “Intersection”, Editorial Gallery, New York
2010 Solo exhibition “Passion Spark”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2010 Solo exhibition “Passion Spark”, Redtory Guangzhou, China
2008 Solo exhibition “Lasting Peace”, United Nations, New York
2006 Group Show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC
2005 Spanierman Gallery “Group Show”, New York
2005 Galerie d’Orsay, Boston
2004 Toblach/Dobbiaco “Group Show”, Italy
2003 Spanierman Gallery “Group Show”, New York
2001 Arcadia Gallery, Soho, New York
2001 Spanierman Gallery, New York
2000 “National Arts Club Exhibition”, National Arts Club, New York
2000 “College, Art Exhibition”, Hunter College, Time Square Gallery, New York
1988 “Group Show”, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin, China
1988 “Group Show”, Beijing Art Museum, Beijing, China
1998-2000 New York Academy of Figurative Art, New York City, MFA (2000)
1984-1988 Tianjin Academy of Art, Tianjin, China, BFA (1988)
1979-1982 Tianjin Design of Art School, Architecture, Tianjin, China, Diploma (1982)
2000 “Richild Von Holtzbrink Award”, National Arts Club, New York
1998 Scholarship, New York Academy of Art, New York
2003 “Art of the New Collector II”, Spanierman Gallery, New York2001 “The Christmas Show”, Spanierman Gallery, New York
1988 “Cu Maio” Education Book, China
Anthony Haden-Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest, Oil on Canvas 72×84 Smithsonian National Portraiture Gallery, on display 2006-07

Kristi Kirkpatrick
WALL Gallery
1529 Dragon
Dallas, TX 75207
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