CADD Announces CADD FUND Winner 2018!

Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas
Announces 2018 CADD FUND Winner
B.A., University of Texas at Arlington

Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas celebrated creativity and community with CADD FUNd 2018. The evening shared six innovative ideas about potential artistic projects that needed the support of the DFW arts community.

During the event on June 10th, the six finalists presented proposals for original and yet-to-be-realized new projects. Last year’s winner, Spencer Evans, also gave a short presentation during the event. After a short recess to tally the votes, the winner of CADD FUNd 2018 was awarded to JAMES TALAMBAS in the amount of $3,500!

His installation project “BREATHE” is a public meditative space for our city’s collective and individual mental health. Through sound, light, touch, and smell, the installation will directly affect the mental health of commuters and viewers. One in five Texans will experience a mental health concern this year. Talambas’ hope is that this installation will help to start a conversation about our mental health needs, about art’s place in the city, and about the working public’s access to both. To create a sacred space of relation. A sacred space to take a moment to Breathe.

CADD FUNd helps make projects happen.

James Talambas is a multidisciplinary new media artist, composer and DJ. He employs technology, acoustics and improvisation to create site-specific and performer-specific electro-acoustic works that interact with and manipulate the architectural, social, and auditory spaces they inhabit. As the owner of New Media Recordings in Fort Worth, he writes scores and sound design for films, and has also produced pieces for international artists.

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