“Body Poems in Suspended Space” by Liz Trosper at CentralTrack; Sofia Bastdidas talk


“Body Poems in Suspended Space” by Liz Trosper is now on exhibit at CentralTrak.

800 Exposition, Dallas TX 75226 (214) 824-9302

You can read more about the exhibition here (link)http://www.centraltrak.com/
Just because you happen to be standing in front of a painting, you can’t assume that the artist was only concerned with this traditional form of art-making and that she’s only worked with the paint and canvas at which you’re looking. Liz Trosper is a tireless researcher, a bold experimenter and a hard-working painter. Pursuing a Master of Fine Arts from UT Dallas had her looping through an obstacle course of theory and conceptual art history. Some artists concern themselves solely with aesthetics, but Trosper’s approach is all encompassing. She’s bitten off quite a lot, but she’s tenacious enough to chew through it.

Trosper states, “I want to make one simple thing – painting that wipes away all there ever was of painting and re-makes it anew…obliterating provincial ideas about painting by pushing on what painting can be in pragmatic terms…challenging my so-called open mind to see its hatred,
hypocrisy and limiting views.”

This exhibition asks “Did the Modernist movement really exalt the body to the point that there is tension between machine and the human hand? And can the pairing of painting and the machine be successful or does technology automatically negate the body?”

Join us at CentralTrak on Thursday April 28th at 7pm for a talk by curator, collaborator, and organizer Sofia Bastdidas

Sofia Bastidas

Sofia Bastidas will speaking about her recent co-curatorial endeavor, Port to Port and her collective work with TVGOV (Television Government).

Bastidas is interested in engaging in a catalyzing debate about the role of contemporary art and questions of urbanism, public and environmental policy, and the seemingly inescapable systemic conflict that shapes urban development in the United States in relationship to the Global South.

You can read more about the talk here (link)


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