Back to Basics – Second Chance Reception


Back to Basics – Second chance reception

Saturday, February 21st
6:00 – 9:00 pm

ArtWalk every 3rd Saturday of the month.

This is an exhibit where the invited artists are able to show their best work with no parameters. Free subject matter, no specific genre, no specific materials, no central ideas.

The thing that ties this exhibit together is that each artist is basically showing their favorite and best work.

Some participating artists:
Katherine Baronet, Hannah Elliott, Jacqui Fehl, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Gaedge, Joel Ganucdeau, April Greenlee, Carter Herrington, Ebony Lewis, LeeAnn Martin, Christian Millet, Jefferson Muncy, Jeff Parrott, Stacy Tompkins, Louis Vuittonet, and Derrick White

Exhibit runs through March 14th

For more information or directions to the Small Gallery, please visit our website


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