Art is Life Studio presents Spring Engagement April 3


Art Is Life: Spring Engagement

Not only a show honoring new beginnings, but an engagement party for the owner Jenice Johnson.

This will be a brand new show of spring-themed art by the following talented artists:

Diana Almand
Linda Ambeva
Riki Johnson Atkins
Anthony Bolton
Maria Chairez
Cathryn Colcer
Jennifer Lafleur
Jacey Oliver

Art Is Life Studio is STILL a booze-free zone. There will be plenty of coffee, however, and other beverages. Located at 1200 E. Collins Blvd in Suite #106, Richarson, Art Is Life Studio is an eclectic new creative space in Richardson that features a small gallery highlighting local artists as well as doubling as a venue space for small events. For more information see and



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