Art House Dallas: Creative Training Day Feb. 12 & Da Vinci’s Table Feb. 24


Our hope at Art House Dallas is to support you in the new year as you take your dreams and ideas and turn them into real and beautiful things. You are an extraordinarily valued member of this creative community. Below are but a few offerings we hope might help you in your new endeavors:

1 | For the Love of Words: Intended specifically for writers to gather together for the sake of community, discussion, and, of course, words.

2 | Art House Exchange: The Exchange is Art House Dallas’ semi-monthly pub gathering providing active creators an opportunity for collaboration and discussion.

3 | Creative Training Day: This day is for painters, bloggers, poets, authors, comedians, Bible study leaders, teachers, storytellers, songwriters, worship leaders and everything in between.




Art House Dallas

2911 Turtle Creek Blvd., DallasTX 75219


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