April 18th Receptions for “Results: Works from the UD Iron Pour” and “Interstices: Kelly O’Briant”

Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery at the University of Dallas: Please join us for 2 receptions in 1 night – April 18, 2018 5-7pm. For more information on all these events, email gallery@udallas.edu or call Christina Hayes Haley, the Gallery Manager at 972-721-5087.

Note: There is a lot of construction happening around us, so we are a little hard to find! If you have a smartphone enter 2910 Haggar Circle into Maps to find the Haggerty Art Village from there it is easy to find the Painting/Printmaking building.

Results: Works from the UD Iron Pour
April 12-22, 2018
Reception, April 18 | 5-7 p.m. with Introduction 5:45 p.m.
Thompson Loggia, Art History Building

In early March, an iron pour was held at on campus. With the help of the Texas Atomic Iron Pour Commission, 500 pounds of cast iron was broken and melted in an exciting fiery display. The event brought together artists, faculty, students, and spectators. All were there to watch the 2,500 degrees of molten iron pour from a cupola, or specifically designed furnace and into student and faculty made molds.

These molds were then cooled and broken open to reveal the results! Please join us to see the art that resulted from this fantastic project.

The UD Iron Pour was made possible with support from the Novinski Endowment, which generously supports programming in the arts.

Interstices | Kelly O’Briant
April 12-22, 2018
Reception, April 18 | 5-7 p.m. with artist talk 5:15 p.m.
Upper Gallery, Painting/Printmaking Gallery

Interstices is a unique glimpse into the many ways technology, science, and collaborative projects inform Kelly O’Briant’s art practice. O’Briant presents a series of interconnected small works created in gaps of time found between continuous projects and large exhibitions.

O’Briant is working with wildlife biologists and technicians in West Virginia and Virginia by using 3D printing to create decoys of Loggerhead Shrike birds for field research, she has been collaborating with ceramists in China, New York, and Texas to build an improved glaze test machine, and, closer to home, O’Briant is assisting The Cistercian Abbey Our Lady of Dallas to carry out a restoration project, on a colonial period crucifix, with artisans in Missouri.

The word “interstice” comes from the Latin “interstitium” which was derived from “inter” meaning “between” + “sistere” meaning “to stand” = to stand between. O’Briant demonstrates how the between spaces of art, research, and work can provide rich inspiration and opportunities for new works.

Please join us for the reception and hear more from Kelly O’Briant during her artist talk at 5:15 p.m., Wednesday, April 18.

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