Alexander Gorlizki at the Crow Collection


Alexander Gorlizki: Variable Dimensions

September 12, 2015 – March 20, 2016

Alexander Gorlizki, born in  1967  and working from studios in Brooklyn, New York, and Jaipur, India, is known primarily for works on paper. This exhibition, Alexander Gorlizki: Variable Dimensions, however, brings together the artist’s work in drawing, sculpture, installation, video, and the applied arts—carpets, wallpapers, textiles—for a rich kaleidoscopic experience of the artist’s profoundly creative imagination.

“Variable Dimensions” refers to an entity without fixed boundaries. It is shifting and not easy to define. It also suggests layers or multi-faceted experiences, imaginative worlds that can be viewed in different and occasionally contrasting terms:  Western art and Asian art, the spiritual and the prosaic, cartoon imagery and a rarified, poetic sensibility.

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2010 Flora St
Dallas, TX 75201

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