“Above & Beyond” from Kalee Appleton at Gallery 76102


Graduated Landing 20″x20″ Archival Inkjet Print

“Above & Beyond”

Kalee Appleton’s series is inspired by time and time’s tendency to both transform and preserve.

Opening Reception

Thursday, October 9th 2014,  6pm – 8pm
Exhibition: Oct 9 – Nov 30, 2014
From the fruition of life to this very instant, time has transformed our universe, but has maintained consistent in its governing life’s cycle. Time connects us all to the origins of civilization, seen in primitive urges that still exist in human instinct, and has lead society to the technological age in which we currently reside.

By first deconstructing appropriated NASA satellite imagery by corrupting the digital code of these digital files, representations of the earth are broken into geometric shapes. The code of these shapes is then combined with the hex code of slices of digital landscape photography in order to reveal the hierarchal breakdown of Earth’s structures.

This collaging of digital code references the recent development and influx of technology, while creating a conversation with shapes that are both primitive and futuristic, allowing the past and future to come together as one.

Gallery 76102
UT Arlington/Fort Worth Center, 1401 Jones Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Gallery entrance located at south end on Jones, limited parking available in the front & back of the building. gallery76102.org | 817.272.0365 | gallery76102@uta.edu


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