Paradise vs Utopia: Disputed Ideals and BERNARDO VALLARINO open at Ro2 Art

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 19, 7-10pm

Paradise vs Utopia: Disputed Ideals (presented by in cooperation with Freefall Festival)
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WHERE: Ro2 Art, 1501 S. Ervay, Dallas, Texas 75215
WHEN: November 19 – December 17, 2016

Ro2 Art is proud to present two important new exhibitions:
‘Paradise vs. Utopia; Disputed Ideas,’ a 17-person show in various media, and an installation by Bernardo Vallarino, ‘Pedacitos de Paz.’

‘Paradise vs. Utopia: Disputed Ideals’ is a group exhibit concerning Paradise and Utopia as opposing forces, with the dystopian as a “third party insurgency.” The gallery space will be split between Paradise and Utopia, with artists’ interpretations of each ideal grouped on either side of the divide. As stated by Freefall Festival’s founders, “Paradise vs. Utopia will feature artists “forming alliances and occupying competing space…mimicking the disputed ideals of contemporary life.” Paradise vs. Utopia features work in various media by Sheryl Anaya, Rachael Banks, Dwayne Carter, Colette Copeland, Val Curry, Randall Garrett, Danielle Georgiou, Dennis Gonzalez, Randy Guthmiller, Thor Johnson, Rachel Muldez, Patrick Patterson-Carroll, Ryder Richards, Dav



Pedacitos de Paz, or Small Pieces of Peace. Featuring a large number of white commemorative ribbons piled beneath a desktop magnifying glass, this installation represents what Vallarino calls “any of those ephemeral actions that are incapable of real change.” Under the scrutiny of the magnifying glass, these supposedly symbolic ribbons are revealed to be devoid of any substance. Vallarino’s installation is critical of objects that uselessly promote a cause, instead encouraging active participation in reducing violence in cities and countries around the world. With ​Pedacitos de Paz, Vallarino urges viewers to actively seek change and peace in the world, since “…violence cannot be stopped by the futile actions of thinking, wishing, and praying.”

BERNARDO VALLARINO is a Colombian-American mixed-media sculptor and installation artist heavily interested in geopolitical issues of violence and human suffering. He graduated with a BFA in sculpture from Texas Christian University and MFA in the same field from Texas Woman’s University. His recent solo exhibitions include his MFA Thesis Exhibition Un-Human at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and Between Dying and Death at the Artes de la Rosa Gallery, both in Fort Worth, TX.

Both shows will be on view from November 19 through December 17, 2016 at Ro2 Art Gallery, located at 1501 S. Ervay Street in The Cedars Neighborhood of Dallas. An opening reception will be held Saturday, Nobember 19, from 7 to 10 pm.


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