Kevin Horan, Lizzie #1, 2009

June 25 – August 27, 2016
Opening Reception
Saturday, June 25, 2016
From 5 – 8 PM
PDNB Gallery
154 Glass Street, Ste. 104
Dallas, TX 75207
As we move forward into the summer season, PDNB Gallery presents its first exhibition to focus entirely on the animal world.


 will showcase the enigmatic portraits of animals photographed by several gallery artists. Each artist uniquely approaches their subjects in natural and studio settings. Most are straight portraits, others are blended into an environment.
While integrating photography and his passion for gardening, David Johndrow discovered within his own garden, a small-scale world of creatures. Through the use of selective focus and meticulous attention to the environment, Johndrow was able to create stunning portraits of insects and reptiles and an occasional rooster.

David Johndrow, Texas Red-Eyed Devil (Giant Katydid), 2015

Kevin Horan

 photographs goats in a very regal manner in his series,Chattel. A variety of domestic goats and sheep get their close-ups, allowing us to explore the detail of their beards, wattels, eyes, horns and hair. Horan’s interest in exploring the exchange between people and animals lead to these dramatic, yet humorous portraits.

Cheryl Medow

, a new artist to PDNB, will debut with her extraordinary photographs of birds. Envisioning Habitat investigates birds in environments that are not true to the feathered creatures. Through the use of digital manipulation she overlays the birds on backgrounds previously photographed from her travels. The dichotomy is surreal and quite beautiful.

Other artists included in this unique exhibition are Keith Carter, who has always photographed animals, particularly dogs and horses, with great awe. Randal Ford’s pop art dairy cows will offer a fun twist to the show, as well as Elliott Erwitt’s humorous photographs.
Featured Artists Include: 
David Johndrow, Kevin Horan, Cheryl Medow, Keith Carter, Elliott Erwitt


will run from June 25 through August 27, 2016

Cheryl Medow,
Great Blue Heron with Chicks Revisited, 2014


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