2 Solo Exhibitions Open this Saturday @ Galleri Urbane!


Jason Willaford and Jay Giroux, Two Solo Exhibtions Open Saturday


Two Solo Exhibtions

Open Saturday
November 22


Jason Willaford, known for his work in encaustics from 1996-2010, was in search for something new after leaving the light and vastness of Marfa, Texas and moving to Dallas in 2009. His new landscape consisted of a multitude of discarded, petroleum-based billboards. Seeing them lose their importance with technology moving forward with LED billboards, iPhones, Google Glass, he wondered what became of these abandoned billboards. After finding a local resource, Willaford began his exploration of de-constructing vinyl.
The first series, “Reclaimed Icons” showcased quilted, cut and sewn vinyl that re-interpreted the billboard’s original message. Willaford soon realized that he didn’t want the text or message to dictate what the subject matter would be, so he began cutting up the vinyl, using the images as paint to create vinyl abstractions. The “Vinyl Exposed” series sits on a fine line of painting and sculpture; it’s intertwined with a painterly approach, with arrangements of color and form in mind rather than message, questions how a painting is perceived. Willaford will also frequently reverse the stitching in order to push the pieces towards three-dimensionality, forming a variety of picture planes and illusions. The spray paint adds a fourth dimension, that is more symbolic than an actual window, into the time space continuum. There is a visceral element  to Willaford’s work, one of multiple layers of vinyl sewn together then sliced open, asking to viewer to ponder what lies beneath.
The recent series, “Bring Into the Fold”,  further explores Willaford’s constructivist methodology. It references the prolapse, the idea that these pieces are captured of galvanized at intervals in space and time by sewing pieces of vinyl together, as well as conglomerate constructions, where the artist either revisits or remains in the moment with the pieces. For Willaford, it’s not so much about manipulating or trying to make a material look like something recognizable; it’s more of capturing the beauty of an object. By pulverizing the work into itself with spray paint or other materials and mounting it on the wall, it begins to take flight and relax into it’s environment, remembering a moment in time and revisiting those feelings continuously when you look at the object. Observation has progressed into small paintings that convey to the public how Willaford see the objects. “Bring Into the Fold” is an obvious nod to the loose origami shapes as well as the idea that there are multiple ways to bring the viewer deeper into his thoughts.
It has been four years since Willaford has had a solo exhibited at Galleri Urbane. Recent exhibitions include: “Vinyl Exposed” at the Oklahoma Contemporary 2013, Re Define at the Dallas Contemporary 2014, Context Art Fair 2013, Dallas Art Fair 2013/2014 and “ReClaimed Icons”, exhibited in Marfa and Boltax Gallery, New York 2011. Upcoming: Artist in Residency at Elaine De Kooning’s, Hamptons N.Y, February 2015 and an exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary, May 2015.


Introducing, Jay Giroux
“Unknown Wavelength”

Galleri Urbane is proud to welcome Tampa-based artist Jay Giroux for his first solo featured show in Dallas, “Unknown Wavelength.” Giroux has been painting since the age of 16, though considers himself to have matured into apainter during graduate school. Unfilled by the painting studio during his undergraduate studies,Giroux found an interest in electronic media and photography. It was here where he also discovered printmaking, which became a unique way for Giroux to take his interests in graphics

and photography and incorporate it into a more analog approach as a way to reflect his painting style. Later, after painting took a back seat to other creative jobs and endeavours in his life, a two-person show with his mentor and former Galleri Urbane artist, Theo Wujcik, became the driving force behind his creative energy and the decision to study painting full time, leading him to the graduate program at the University of Houston.

Giroux’s newest body of work for this show is a conceptually similar idea to his previous body of work, “Chopped and Screwed”. Inspired by DJ Screw’s music and his invention of sampling, chopping and screwing up pre-existing information; Giroux applied this same idea to the context of painting. Over the years, Giroux’s work has become less dependent on popular imagery and more focused on non-descriptive forms. He notes, “Abstraction is a way to engage both the conscious and unconscious mind, I’m interested in that.” In this show, Giroux is still experimenting with the black and white motif, as well as newer works dealing with color, but relying even less on descriptive forms than his last show at Houston’s Devin Borden Gallery in May earlier this year.
Jay Giroux received his BA in studio art at the University of South Florida in 2002 and an MFA in painting at University of Houston in 2011.

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