1•2•3 at the Small Gallery May 21

You are invited to join the Small Gallery for an opening reception titled 1•2•3

An opening reception will be held during the Midtown Artwalk on Saturday, May 21, from 6:00-9:00 pm.

The Small Gallery is located in the west wing of Valley View at 13331 Preston Rd. (Preston/LBJ).

1. John P. Irizarry – 
As an artist my paintings are dramatic like my personality. My abstractions call for your undivided attention. My sense of space is simple but fresh. The paintings are liberating fantasies where animated shapes meet color, lines and form to pull together as structural manifestations of a dream like state. I strive for each painting to succeed in constant movement and add energy to the viewers of my work.
2. Art in Venezuela –
We present expressions that represent a small snapshot of the Art in Venezuela, from the perspective of its creators.  The observer will find common themes, those that are part of what being “Venezolano” means. “The objective of art is not to adorn but to transcend…A piece of art is the eternity”. 
 – Oswaldo Vigas
3. Sammy Thomason
At a pen turning club meeting a member showed me a pen made with watch parts. I had to know where he got all of the parts and how he did it. “Go to the Internet and enter steampunk” was all he said. A new world was opened to me! Victorian Science Fiction. Where have you been all of my life? Wood, metal, brass, clocks, steam power, and gears, doesn’t get any better!

Submitted by Rita Barnard. Email: jforsher@hotmail.com

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