The Catholic Foundation Art Competition-A Year on the Plaza

Adriana Rivera and her work 2017

Come visit The Catholic Foundation’s 50th Year Anniversary gift to the people of Dallas, and see a new piece of art installed each fall in this unique urban oasis. Share the exciting upcoming 2018 annual competition details with your local professional artist friends.  $2500 first prize, plus your work will be on the Plaza Wall for one year.

Please Note: 2018 Submission Requirements:
No photography or computer generated art will be accepted.
Download 2018 Art Competition submission guidelines here

Deadline FOR SUBMISSION is August 23, 2018 at 3PM

The Catholic Foundation Plaza is a unique 3,900 square foot public space located at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, 2215 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas. The Plaza is located at the corner of Flora and Crockett Streets, directly across from the Meyerson Symphony Hall. The Plaza is in a highly visible location to visitors to The Dallas Arts District and is also one of the sites on the “Public Art Walk Dallas.”



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