Texas National Competition & Exhibition 2017 with juror Benito Huerta


Texas National 2017 Art Competition & Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: April 8 – June 10, 2017.  

DEADLINE January 22, 2017                        

The Juror: Benito Huerta

Awards: 1st – $2,000; 2nd – $1,000; 3rd – $500; Honorable Mentions

Eligibility: TEXAS NATIONAL COMPETITION & EXHIBITION 2017 is open to all artists working in the United States. Works may be of any medium (except video and performance). All works must be original and completed within THE LAST TWO YEARS. Works too old or two large will be disqualified. No previously submitted works will be accepted. All works must be available through the entire run of the show. Do not submit works for jury that might be sold before or shown elsewhere during the TEXAS NATIONAL 2017 show time frame. Deadline for entries is January 22, 2017. Visit us at: http://www.art.sfasu.edu/cole, or apply on line at: https://www.callforentry.org/ and search for Texas National. Questions? email us at sfaartgalleries@sfasu.edu, or call 936-468-1131.

f you require additional information regarding TEXAS NATIONAL, e-mail us at sfaartgalleries@sfasu.edu

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS SOME THINGS HAVE CHANGED. Size Limitations: Two-dimensional works, when displayed, cannot exceed 48” in height or width, including frame. Three-dimensional works cannot exceed 60” in height, 24” in width, and 24” in depth. If a separate pedestal is sent with the work, the total height, including the pedestal, must not exceed 60”.  The weight limitation of each crated or packaged work must not exceed 50 lbs. Deadline for entries is January 22, 2017.

Entry Fee and Procedures: One, two or three digital images may be submitted via CaFÉ for $35 entry fee at https://www.callforentry.org. Secure credit card payments can be made through CaFÉ.

Submitted by John Handley, PhD. Email: sfaartgalleries@sfasu.edu

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