Shift/Convert: 21st Century Alchemy entries for Gallery550 due Feb. 3


Call for entries for Shift/Convert: 21st Century Alchemy

Turning lead into gold. Discovering the Philosopher’s Stone. Achieving immortality and redemption. Alchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry, bridged the practical and spiritual in man’s pursuits, influencing the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment.

Shift/Convert: 21st Century Alchemy looks at the essence of alchemy – transformation to an idealized state – as expressed in contemporary art. This Gallery 550 exhibition will run from March 5 to June 30, 2015.

We envision Shift/Convert to feature art across a variety of media including, but not limited, to paintings, sculpture, mixed media, installations, photography, audio/visual, wood, metal, glass. This call for entries seeks artwork that communicate a unique voice and/or thought-provoking perspective about transformation and change.

If you feel you are a fit for Shift/Convert: 21st Century Alchemy, please scroll to the requirements at and submit your portfolio for an initial review. Deadline for submissions is February 3, 2015.

All works featured in Shift/Convert are eligible to receive the following awards:

  • The Gallery 550 Award: The best work as selected by a panel of judges will receive $300
  • Fan Favorite: The work with the most shares/likes on Globe Runner’s Facebook page will receive $200
  • Best In Show: The work with the most votes by attendees at the formal launch will receive $100

Gallery 550 is an art gallery quite unlike any other. The corporate social responsibility project of Globe Runner, Gallery 550 provides exhibition space for up-and-coming artists via its office walls.

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