KId’s Summer Art Contest & Art Gallery at Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts

Lakewood Art Contest Invitation

The LCFA summer art gallery and art contest kicked off on Thursday July 14th.

During the opening reception co-founder Ewa Korzeniowska unveiled the works of local painter Dr. Chuck McCarter & sculptor Stephen Potter. Guests enjoyed hors d’ oeuvres, Go Texan wines and kid friendly fare. McCarter and Potter both spoke to the crowd of art enthusiasts and fans of the fine arts thanking the conservatory for supporting local artists and inspiring young creative talent in the local community.

Guests of the upcoming September 15th closing reception, as did guests enjoy at the opening celebration, will hear musical performances by students of both fine arts schools and pianist Eva Brandys who is also co-founder of LCFA and founder of sister school—Park Cities School of Music.

The Summer Art Gallery is open to the public through September 15th during open hours of LCFA.

The summer art competition is accepting submissions now, challenging those ages 5-14 to reproduce either Messenger by Chuck McCarter or Posing for Picasso by Stephen Potter (pictured below). Participants are encouraged to present free interpretation reproductions using paint, sketch or sculpture. Completed reproductions can be submitted to LCFA by September 15th during open hours. Submitted artwork will be on display at the conservatory through the closing art gallery and contest reception. Dr. McCarter’s Messenger and Potter’s Posing for Picasso will be on display at the front windows of Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts for participants to view and study. In addition, images of the artwork are found on the LCFA website. The summer art gallery and contest are complimentary to enter. The winners of the best reproduction in the age groups of 5-7, 8-10 and 11-14 will be announced at the closing reception and those pieces will be on display indefinitely at LCFA. The winners will also receive a toolbox of professional art supplies.

WHERE: The recently opened Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts—the only fine arts program to offer music, art and dance curriculums to all ages in Dallas. Lakeview Village; 7328 Gaston Avenue, Ste. 130, Dallas, Texas 75214; 214.843.2060. At the intersection of Gaston Avenue and Garland Road by Cane Rosso.

WHEN: The LCFA summer art contest and art gallery runs through September 15th. Art submissions can be dropped by LCFA during open hours prior to September 15th. The closing art gallery and contest reception is held from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm on September 15th and is open to the public. The art gallery can be visited anytime during open hours between now and September 15th.

WHY: Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts mission is to support, showcase and encourage local artistic talent. In addition to their art, music and dance curriculum they offer artists of many ages and genres the opportunity to showcase their work. The white walls of their Lakewood conservatory make an apropos backdrop to spotlight the paintings and sculptures of Dr. Chuck McCarter & Stephen Potter in which they hope to further their success. Furthermore, through the summer art contest LCFA hopes to spark and reward the artistic interests and pursuits of those in their early development years.

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