Keep Midland Beautiful RFP Call for Artists

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Keep Midland Beautiful RFP Call for Artists


This is an Open Call for Artists Who:
• Can bring their talents and collaborative skills to a group
• Recognize the value of community pride and working at a grassroots level
• Have an interest in creating artwork for a location in Southwest Midland

In February 1983, Keep Midland Beautiful was formed as an independent non-profit organization. Its initial funding and support were provided by the City of Midland and the Midland Chamber of Commerce. Keep Midland Beautiful (KMB) was originally known as Clean Midland and was formed with the primary purpose of making Midland cleaner and more attractive. Keep Midland Beautiful is a member of the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Clean Community System. This system was formed in 1976 to provide cities with a structured network from which to build their own local program of sustained litter reduction. In 1989 Keep America Beautiful expanded its mission to include recycling/waste reduction. KMB is also an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. Through broad-based community support and with leadership from the Board of Directors, Keep Midland Beautiful has developed award-winning local programs. New parks have been developed, and existing parks improved. Waste reduction has been encouraged and the burden on the landfill has decreased.

The Mission of Keep Midland Beautiful is to educate and inspire our community to take action to create a clean, beautiful and waste-free Midland. We do this through education, programs, activities and events that focus on litter prevention, beautification and waste management.

This opportunity is open to all artists emerging and established artists, individuals and artist-led teams, and artists working with a wide variety of media, who have completed projects for private clients, public agencies, or for grassroots/community projects. Artist teams of any size may apply. Prior Public Art experience is not a requirement to submit information to KMB. Artists with West Texas connections are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process:
Information and materials submitted in response to the RFP will be evaluated by the KMB Board of Directors Beautification Committee.

Keep Midland Beautiful is accepting proposals from artist or teams of artists who wish to be considered for a permanent art installation in Midland at Island off W. Wall St, W. Front St, and Williams St, in Southwest Midland. The site is in a busy business area with heavy traffic. The artwork will be installed permanently on the Island in advance of native, drought tolerant plants being installed. This installation will be the first in a series of art projects to be led by Keep Midland Beautiful.

Scope of Project:
KMB is seeking an artist or team of artists to create an original work of art that expresses “Wind” as a theme. KMB is looking for applications showing artists conceptual plans and preliminary designs in advance of fabrication and installation of the work of art to be located at traffic island formed by W. Wall St, W. Front St, and Williams St, in Southwest Midland, illustrated in the Location Map below.. Because of the nature of business conducted by KMB, use of natural products and materials is recommended.

The project budget is estimated at $50,000. The amount budgeted for an artist or team of artists is all inclusive for the commissioned art project, including design; materials; fabrication; delivery; installation, including the pedestal (if necessary); insurance; and travel expenses. Keep Midland Beautiful will separately fund promotion associated with this project. KMB intends, and will have right, to use submitted concepts (models, illustrations, etc.) for project fundraising.

Project timeline will be dependent on KMB fundraising. The deadline for questions regarding project due by 12/18/2020. Deadline for project conception due by 1/18/2021. Applications will be notified of KMB’s selection on 2/15/2021.

Submission Requirements:
• Artist statement and bio expressing interest in the project and contact information.
• At least three (3) examples of recent artwork, including pictures. Please provide information about projects similar in scope to this request including location, scope of project, client name and contact information, project budget, and materials used in the project.
• Design concepts, including illustrations, to define the proposed sculpture based on the scope of project and “wind” theme.
• Anticipated budget, including costs for delivery and installation.
• Written approach to carrying out this project including a description of the types of public outreach or collaboration in which the artist has been engaged.
• References-Please provide a minimum of three (3) references for recently accomplished similar work.

Mail or deliver sealed package responses to:
Keep Midland Beautiful-Call for Artists
3500 North A St., #1500
Midland, TX 79705

Application materials may also be submitted electronically to no later than 4:00 PM, January 18, 2021. It is the sole responsibility of each respondent to ensure that their submittals arrive at the office of Keep Midland Beautiful prior to the date specified.

Request for Proposals Preparation Cost:
Expenses incurred by prospective respondents in preparation, submission, and presentation of the RFP are the responsibility of the respondents and cannot be charged to KMB.

Submitted by Doreen Womack. Email: Website: %%url%%