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At this time of the year as webmaster, Sharon Giles receives many questions about resizing or perfecting images of artwork for show entries, such as for the Texas & Neighbors (TxN) show (entry deadline Feb. 1st). Here is her advice:

General tip: Images should look professional — they should show ONLY the work of art (no mat, no frame, no easel or background of any kind.)


You don’t have to buy special graphics software! I recommend for both Mac and Windows users the free online app at They also offer free apps that you can download to your computer, phone or tablet if you don’t want to work online. The interface is both easy to use and powerful. For support on the online features, see For other tutorials on special topics, see

For instructions on resizing images, see the advice we give for TxN entrants at

For YouTube videos on resizing using PIXLR, see You can find thousands of videos showing every aspect of PIXLR. Here’s a sample:

YouTube Videos

So if you can find thousands of videos on just PIXLR, just think how many you can find on the graphic software that’s already on your device. Just go to YouTube and search on the name of your software and a keyword such as “resizing”, etc. to find what you’re looking for.

Here’s an example for Photoshop Elements:

Photographing Your Artwork

On Art News DFW, I have posted a guide to finding guides on this topic:

Photographing Your Artwork – How To Guides

It includes such expert sources as photographer JR Compton, Oxide Gallery, ArtistNetwork, and Empty Easel.

An alternative method for small works is scanning instead of photography, which usually results in better color and less distortion.

You’re probably going to guess that I’m going to suggest searching YouTube for videos on the topic. So here’s a few examples:



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