Enter VAD’s 24 Hour Video Race and 26th VideoFest

The Video Association of Dallas is Looking forward to our 26th VideoFest Oct 9-13th, 2013 and our 12th Annual 24 Hour Video Race May 10th.


Registar for the 12th Annual 24 Hour Video Race with 3 new divisons this year!!! Register early! The 2013 24 Hour Video Race will be limited to the first 100 teams.

Register for the 12th Annual 24 Hour Video Race! Video Dallas film and video makers of all levels of experience are invited to participate in the race, both creatively and literally.  Teams that do not make it to the finish line at midnight will not be included in the judging, All teams will be assigned four critical elements: one theme, one prop, one location and one line of dialogue.

Anyone with a camera and the willingness to race can participate. Past teams have included elementary school students to professional filmmakers.  Student teams compete against other student teams and adult teams are categorized by team size rather than skill level.

There will also be 3 new divisions in 2013: Rock Around the Clock (music videos), Doc Around the Clock (documentaries), and an all mobile device division.  The Auteur division will return to a single member.  Thank you Rachelle and Rachon Alfred of Speak Pixels for the beautiful new website!

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