Texas Artists Coalition / FWCAC Workshops for July & August


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The Costumed Model

 Instructor: Julie Wende
July 15: 6pm – 9pm
July 16: 10am – 2pm
Come and paint in any medium, the costumed model with portraitist Julie Wende. The class will focus on lighting the model and painting in a high key, with emphasis on loose brush work. The class will take place in the FWCAC. Payment of $80 for members or $100 for non-members MUST accompany sign-up ONLINE or by credit card by phone or payment in advance in person. www.juliewende.com

Insurance for the Art Community: Galleries, Museums, Artists, Collectors, Organizations

July 25, 6 – 7pm
Hosted by Higginbotham Insurance
An information session about coverage and the process of purchasing insurance specifically geared towards the art community. Free and open to the public.
For more information, contact Elaine Taylor gallerymanager@fwcac.org
Intro to Instagram and Facebook Marketing
July 30, 2016
10AM – 12pm
Instructors: Matthew Miller and Ruth Meharg

In this information age, a knowledge of communication technology can serve an artist well in their quest to find recognition for their work. The Intro to Instagram or Facebook Marketing will serve as a standalone class for people who want to learn how to use these two platforms to sell and spread word about their art. $25 TAC members/$30 Non-TAC members.

Social Media Marketing Class
August 6, 2016
10am – 12pm
Instructors: Matthew Miller and Ruth Meharg
This class will be about strategies on utilizing social media and blogging to sell art online and offline, not instruction on how to use any specific media platform. No how-to instruction will be given on the platforms.
$25 TAC members/$30 Non-TAC members
Matthew Miller and Ruth Meharg are both artists and a married couple. Matt goes by the moniker Sunflowerman in his menswear illustration business. His illustrations are meant to provide a new perspective on story telling, quality and creativity by creating the most influential Menswear Illustrations in the world to elevate Menswear Fashion around the world. Ruth works as a freelance illustrator who loves breaking down and dissecting the world around her, interpreting stories, cultures and other forms of creative expression through her art. She has created pieces in variety of mediums, everything from ink and colored pencils to watercolors and oils, but her more recent work is mostly in acrylic and collage.


Fort Worth Community Arts Center
1300 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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