SWS presents Mike Bailey Watercolor Workshop Sept. 8-10

Mike Bailey Workshop is now full. We are now accepting Wait list applicants  in the event someone cancels. To put your name on the Wait list, please contact Bryce Weigand at: bryce.weigand@gmail.com
When:  Sept. 8,9 & 10 2015
Where:  Artist Showplace
Price: $250 SWS Members, $300 Non-Members
mikebaileyBelow is a description of the workshop from Mike Bailey.  Sounds like it is jammed pack with all kinds of good information and fun!  You don’t want to miss out on this one.

“Composition for Impact Workshop”

“Hello!!   . . .And Welcome!  I am excited to be joining you for a fun weekend of art discussion, painting and reaching to grow our skills as painters.  
We will be embarking on an intensive three days of exploration and experimentation to find the best ways to present your painted subject and to arrest and arouse the viewer.”

“As painters, we are entertainers.. We build images with the intent in mind to entertain the viewer. Entertainment can take many forms, ranging from offending to confronting to serenading to telling a story. Virtually ANY subject can be made to grab the viewer and to hold the viewers’ attention to the extent that an emotional response happens.”

“We will touch on space division, value distribution,shape design and color variation. Any one of these items is way more than any course could teach in weeks, much less over three days.  We will examine some alternative ways to handle these in a painting then practice them.”

“Please bring with you a completed painting of what ever subject you want. However, choose a subject that is relatively simple without lots and lots of tiny shapes.  Your painting can be of any subject . . . .still life, nudes, landscapes, seascapes or portraits. Our objective will be to conduct a session of repainting that subject, analyzing and exhausting compositional alternatives to dramatize the presentation.”

“You may expect to be involved in discussions ofgeometric layout, mood, composition patterns, value intervals, different contrasts and relational design principles. Expect the discussions to be direct, rigorous and exciting. As your instructor, I honor your efforts and your vulnerabilities. I assure you a safe, positive environment. . . . .and plenty of exciting fun.”

“Since our objective will be to come up with different compositional alternatives, that might mean changing how you presented the subject the first time. So, come mentally prepared to make modifications and, sometimes major, changes from the original presentation. We will NOT be covering technique or correct painting methods.  This class will be focusing on revisions of design elements to achieve maximum impact.  The content of this class will have LOTS of visual examples to work and play with, albeit no actual painting demos.  This workshop is about strengthening your own work and spending three intense days with lots of individual help to do so.”

“Get ready for an intense and exciting three days of creativity! I am excited to be offering this unique session and am glad that you will be part of it!”


“You can also see some of my work at:”www.mebaileyart.com

M.E. “Mike” Bailey, NWS

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