Sparks Studio Classes Oct. – Nov. 2014


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  • Fused Confetti Glass Pendants
  • Enameling on Copper Jewelry
  • Watercolor Prints with a Gelli Plate
  • White on White Dove of Peace
  • OPEN HOUSE Birthday Party – Holiday Make & Take EXTRAVAGANZA
  • Silk Scarves – dyed with Alcohol Ink
  • Spinner Ring  – Sterling Silver & Copper
  • Encaustics – HOT WAX – Carving, Textures, Text
  • Acrylics – Layering and Transparency
  • Creative Concepts and Elements for Good Composition

Saturday 9:30 – 3:30
Fused Confetti Glass Pendants

Cindy Shepard – $65 all day
Learn the basics of making jewelry components with wire, plus kiln fire your own unique pendants using recycled glass. In this class we will make 2 pendants using wire, beads, buttons, recycled glass and metal. Just in time for gift giving… keep one for yourself, give the other as a gift.
$10.00 supply fee includes: wire, buttons, beads, use of  kiln, recycled glass, molds and wire working tools.
If desired you may bring:  your own beads, buttons and wire working tools.

Monday 9:30 – 3:30
Enameling on Copper Jewelry

Laura Conway and Rick Allen – $65 all day
Enameling on copper is a hot technique! You will learn the basic techniques of applying powdered glass onto copper and see the magic of enamel come alive on copper sheets and tubing.  This class will show you how to form pendants and earrings, clean the copper, apply enamels and torch fire your pieces to create your own wearable art. This class is an introduction to basic enameling and all supplies will be provided.  Just show up with your imagination and a love for color.
$15.00 supply fee includes: Copper sheets, tubing, wire, enamels, and use of teacher’s enameling supplies.

Wednesday 9:30 – 2:30
Watercolor Prints with a Gelli Plate

with Sharon Giles – $45 partial day
Most artists use acrylics for printmaking with a Gelli Plate, but Sharon will reveal to you her watercolor secrets. You’ll produce wonderful, glowing results, intense color, and many prints — even newbies! We’ll also explore the use of masks, stencils, stamps and other texture tools. In this class, go ‘beyond basic printing’ by making simple masks, doing’ a ‘two-stage print’ for a ‘finished’ look, and a ‘direct painting print’ over a photo.
Teacher will supply: paper plates, deli paper, cardstock for making masks, stencils, stamps, texture tools, etc.
Please bring: a pad of 9 x 12″ watercolor paper, 4 to 6 tubes of watercolors (wc pans do not work), old credit card, wc brushes, paper towels, photos. Also, a Gelli Plate, brayer,  hair dryer if you have them (or you can borrow).

Monday 9:30 – 12:00
White on White Dove of Peace

with Patty Cross – $35 half day
Join our White on White polymer clay Christmas celebration. With blended clays, glitter and textures, we’ll sculpt birds fit for adorning your family tree, or smaller versions right for wearing on a necklace.  We’ll make more ornaments suitable for a small tree or decorating a gift.  You’ll learn how to thread and securely anchor wire in the clay, as well as additional bonding processes. Start the holiday celebrations early here at Sparks Studio!
$5.00 supply fee includes: textures and all the clay you’ll have time to play with and all the doves you can finish, For those who want to participate, we’ll have an ornament swap before we close. Lots of Door Prizes!
Please bring: your basic tool kit, charms and dangles.

Saturday – 1:00 – 3:00
OPEN HOUSE Birthday Party – Holiday Make & Take EXTRAVAGANZA

Suzanne McNeill, Paula Pillow, Cindy Shepard, Rona Davis
All supplies, food, and classes are included for $10
Sparks Studio has been open for over a year. We invite you to celebrate this special anniversary with us. We’ll have plenty of yummy food and special tables with ‘holiday’ oriented projects for gift ideas, gift wrapping decor, and tree ornament ideas. Lots of DOOR PRIZES!

Monday  – 9:30 – 12:00
Silk Scarves – dyed with Alcohol Ink

Connie Michael – $45 half day
Create TWO beautiful silk scarves that are truly original pieces of art using bottles of alcohol ink.  Let the colors explode onto the China silk in an exciting organic way or create a pattern of your own design.  Everybody loves painting these scarves and they are perfect for gift giving!
Teacher will supply: Two silk scarves, Alcohol inks (at least three colors), Spray bottle with 91% alcohol, Paper towels, Latex gloves, Small round paint brush.
• Additional scarves available – 3 for $20

Thursday – 9:30 – 3:30
Spinner Ring  – Sterling Silver & Copper

Laura Conway & Rick Allen – $75
Round and Round! Come take a spin with Rick and Laura. Learn to make spinner rings!  This is a great new addition to the basic soldering class.  You will create a sterling silver and copper spinner ring that is fun to wear. Your friends will be impressed! The instructors – Rick and Laura – are a “team” that is remarkable in their knowledge of silversmithing. Join them for a great day of learning.
Basic soldering knowledge is required.
$25.00 supply fee includes: Sterling silver sheet, Copper sheet, and use of teacher’s jewelry making supplies.

Friday – 9:30 – 12:00
Encaustics – HOT WAX – Carving, Textures, Text

with Ann Webb – $45 half day
Begin with basic encaustic techniques, Ann will teach pouring, carving and texture techniques to add to your skills. We will learn how to add text and other elements of design. Come and spend the morning learning versatile new techniques. Leave with new art that can be used as a gift for someone special.
$5.00 supply fee includes:  Encaustic wax, special  wax coloring, carving tools, text and texture plates.

Saturday – 9:30 – 3:30
Acrylics – Layering and Transparency

with Paula Nemec – $65 all day
Paula’s innovative class features acrylic layering with special techniques for scraffito and illusions. Explore tansparent and opaque paint applications using texture techniques and ways to apply color. She also shares information about trends in the painting market.
Teacher will supply: limitless inspiration, fabulous tips, techniques to make your artwork ‘sing’ and much more.
Please bring: 18 x 24” or 24x 24” stretched canvas (nothing larger) OR 22 x 30” 140# watercolor paper, old credit card, colors of acrylic paints (fluid acrylics are best – tubes and bottles work well also), matte medium, Liquidtex pouring medium (small bottle), a stick of black or brown conte crayon, a  stick of white and black chalk, acrylic brushes, paper towels, water container, apron, plastic gloves (optional). Ideas for painting, subject matter that you love.

Monday  – 9:30 – 3:30
Creative Concepts and Elements for Good Composition

Paula Pillow – $65 all day
Explore, investigate and have fun putting together designs. Develop your own unique style. Use paint, collage, spontaneity and planning to learn various tried and true composition formats that will lead to successful artwork.
$5.00 supply fee includes: gesso, watercolor paper, collage papers, assorted items for collage, stamps and stencils
Please bring: 6-7 colors of tube, fluid or craft acrylic paints (include black – white), soft gel matte medium, various paint brushes (some old), water container, paper towels, collage papers if you have them (old book pages, music, maps), your favorite stamping materials, stencils (if you have them).


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