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SPARKS Studio August Classes

Sparks Studio has 5 exciting classes coming up in August. This is the perfect time to be creative and take some time for yourself.

AUGUST 4 Monday – 10:00 – 3:00
Tackle the Torch
Laura Conway  and Rick Allen – $65 all day

 If you’ve wanted to work with fine metal for jewelry,
ut are intimidated by the torch this is the class for you. In this beginning solder class you will learn to cut, file, texture, patina and solder while designing and creating two unique pendants using sterling silver and copper. All you need to bring is your imagination.
$20.00 supply fee includes:  Sterling silver sheet, Copper sheet, Sterling silver components, Copper wire, jump rings, 18 inch sterling silver filled chain, Use of torch and all tools needed to complete your unique creations.
AUGUST 8 Friday – 9:30 – 3:30 
Hungry Artist Workshop 
Marketing Art Smart for the Sharp and Artsy
Rona Davis – $65 all day
   Forget the starving artist, but a hungry artist will succeed!  Be an art warrior – artfully sharp with a plan for “online-marketing-art-smart.”
Understand Basic:
-internet marketing tools and techniques
-website, blog and online store types
-analytics for websites and social media profiles
Discover Your:
-current personal online presence ranking
-unique and distinct place in the market
-best opportunities to be found in the cyber crowd
-the best online tools for your art
-the $$$ reality of online art sales
-online marketing should create more time to create
-the right online marketing plan for your art
-online marketing do’s and don’ts
-how to minimize time and maximize results
-how to combine gallery, show, museum and online art sales to increase your income.
AUGUST 11 Monday  – 9:30 – 2:30
Fantasy Garden
Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper
Connie Michael – $40 partial day
Join us in exploring the world of watercolor batik. Your excitement will build with each layer of color and melted wax. The big surprise comes at the end when the layers of wax are removed and your masterpiece is revealed. Prepare to be amazed!”
$5.00 supply fee includes:  Rice paper, waxed paper, pattern for drawing (if desired), melting pot, candles, brushes for wax, newspaper, iron and ironing board.
Please bring:  Black Fine Point Sharpie (not Extra-Fine), Watercolors and brushes, Water container, Paper Towels
AUGUST 15 Friday – 9:30 – 12:00
Decorated Bottles
Patty Cross – $35 half day
Do we ever tire of bottles, decorated and loaded with sweet memories?
Imagine your own vintage bottle, loaded with b
uttons from a special stash or sandand a note from a vacation long ago. This class teaches a unique process for sealing and decorating those bottles with polymer clay. The finishes are fool the eye versions of soldering techniques with no lead, copper or soldering iron needed! 
Decorated with your personal found objects, ephemera and sculptures, each bottle will be unique to you, the creative artist/owner.
$5.00 supply fee includes:  Textures and colorants required to complete your project, sand or glitter.
Please bring:  1 package Silver Metallic Sculpey Primo clay, preconditioned, One 1.5 x1.5 x7 inch bottle (Michael’s, $1.99).  To decorate bottles:  old neckchain scraps, old keys, charms, lockets, small jewelry items that will hang from the chain. To fill the bottles, small buttons, charms, notes, etc. These items must be able to pass through the neck of the bottle. Optional: Chandelier crystals or pieces of vintage jewelry to create stopper,

AUGUST 18 Monday – 9:30 – 3:30 
My Favorite Things – Journal
Cindy Shepard – $65 all day
Cindy shares some of her favorite techniques for adding color, mark making and images to her fun and whimsical handmade journals. Experiment creating your own mark making tools with recycled objects.
$5.00 supply fee includes:  Images, magazines, sheet music, tissue paper, Golden fluid acrylics, awl, needles, thread, pens, spray inks, stencils, matte medium, gesso, watercolor paper, card stock, graph paper, ticker tapecorks, assorted recycled items for stamping
Please bring:  Used envelopes to use for pages in your journal book, acrylic paints, stencils, brushes of various sizes, glue stick, Xacto knife, images, scissors, ephemera of your choice, water container, baby wipes, paper towels.

 To sign up for a class, please call 817-266-3085.
       We look forward to seeing you…
         creativity, fellowship and fun are included in each class for free.

Mail your reservation check to:
Suzanne McNeill, 1809 Elm Crest Drive, Arlington, TX 76012-1908

Our address is:
Sparks Studio of Creative Arts
509 W. Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010

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