Painting Classes with Laurieann Dygowski: The Pelican July 23 and Flowers Aug. 29

students from pear class

Classes are around two hours long and you will create a completed piece of art on a 8 x 10 canvas board. All materials and paints are supplied. (acrylics)

Artists Round Texas members; class fee; $25.00    Non-members; $35.00 Payment is due before class starts.

Instructor; Laurieann Dygowski (see my Facebook page at: Laurieann Lepper Dygowski)

7242 Liberty Grove, Rowlett, 972-475-1836

Please make your reservations early, since class size is small – no more than 5, seating is limited and my art classes are taught on a personal level. I do allow younger students to attend if they show some potential art ability. Usually I don’t accept anyone under 15 years of age. If younger students attend, parents cannot stay, unless they have paid for the class also.

Here is the list of classes coming soon, along with a go-by image to show what you will be creating.

Hope to see you soon! : )


image002 (3)


PELICAN – Learn how you can bring an image out from a dark underpainting and how simple lines can make for an outstanding image. 




image003 (1)


FLOWERS – See how easy it is to paint flowers, by getting your brush to apply all the color you need. Learn how important white space is. 


Laurieann Dygowski

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