Open Art Session: Tree Art with drips & splats on July 17 – free!


Irving Art Association presents:

Tree art with paint drips & splats plus negative painting

Sunday, July 17, 2016  to

Jaycee Park Center for the Arts 1975 Puritan Drive, Irving, TX

Sharon Giles will be leading this free session. To sign up through Meetup, go to Joining is free also, plus you can receive notices about our free sessions & events. Or email Sharon at to reserve your spot.

Let’s create an abstract tree painting using paint drips and splats with negative painting to refine it. Great drawing skills are not required.

Supplies: acrylic paint, brushes, canvas or paper, tabletop easel, water container, tape, paper towels, plastic tablecloth, apron etc. Pipettes, eyedroppers or spoons can be useful for dripping. If you want to use watercolor, bring white & black gouache also. (You can also bring a failed painting to transform.)

Preview the process by viewing the Bob Burridge videos and enjoy! (You can also sign up for his free Bob Blasts videos.) Of course, we will be working in smaller scale.

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