Natural Dye Weekend and Kitchen Dyes Workshops



Natural Dyes Weekend
Saturday and Sunday, June 20-21, 12-4pm

During this two-day workshop we will experiment dyeing with indigo, cochineal, and marigold to receive the full spectrum of natural color on cotton. On day one, participants will learn how to extract color, what are mordants and tannins, and how to use them to prep cotton for the dye bath and make an organic indigo vat from scratch using indigo, iron, and lime. Titled the mineral vat, this indigo recipe produces beautiful blues exclusively on cotton fibers. All participants will explore tying and dyeing techniques as well as how to mix a clay resist paste that can be painted on fabric to prevent indigo dye from penetrating designed areas. On day two, students will explore the process of preparing dried cochineal bugs and marigold flowers for the dye bath to receive beautiful reds, pinks, purples, yellows, and greens on cotton. Students will learn how to create painted patterns on cotton using thickened mordants and observe the varied results between tannined and un-tannined cloth.

Kitchen Dyes
Sunday, July 19 12:30-2:30pm

In the workshop participants will be introduced to the world of natural dyes while experimenting with accessible food items such as avocado pits, hibiscus flowers, and black beans to get a range of beautiful colors. Colors vary from pink, magenta, purple, and grey. All participants will learn the basics of natural dyes, how to extract color, what are mordants, and how to use them to prep silk for the dye bath. Studentswill explore tying and dyeing techniques on three raw silk handkerchiefs and will leave with a dye notebook and swatches to take home.


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