Nancy Medina: Six Live Paintings for You and Brilliant Color Online Class


Named one of the best floral and botanical artists by American Art Collector magazine, Nancy Medina is a master signature artist and instructor for the Dallas Arboretum whose paintings and videos are collected around the world. Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color. Her studio is located in Flower Mound, TX. For more about Nancy, see her website

Flower Mound Studio Newsletter                                                              October 2016

Banish the Blues Pink Hydrangeas, 16X16, palette knife/oil
Click here to see the painting live

Live Painting in the Studio

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve been painting live each day on my Facebook fan page this week in the countdown to my fall online class launchOctober 27.

We’ve painted hydrangeas, pansies, a speckled pumpkin, a blue patterned vase and more. Painting live every night is exhausting, but you are worth it! It’s a bit like reality TV meets Flower Mound Studio, without the Kardashians. No one has cried yet, spent any amount of time in a hot tub, or been kicked off the island. In the spirit of full disclosure, there is some eye candy in each live video, when studio helper pug puppy Avery says hi to her fans. (Avery yawning and chewing on toys has really upped my ratings!)

The oops moments…so far!

There have been a few on camera “oops moments” already, dropping my paintbrush into the middle of my palette, pugs barking, the doorbell ringing, the kids outside on their motorized four-wheelers, pugs barking…. The best was last night, when my phone-video battery announced: “Battery strength is low”. I had no idea what to do. I felt like I was losing oxygen fast, then freezing, then drowning. Oh wait, no, that was Sandra Bullock in that space movie. Fortunately, cameraman/hubby quickly attached a backup battery and saved the day. Painting finished, cameo by sleepy Avery, plug for the online workshop smoothly delivered, check and check!Will there be more live videos? Will Avery become a film star and leave the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs behind? All will be revealed…soon!



Brilliant Color Online Opens!

I’m so excited to announce my first fall online workshop, Brilliant Color Bootcamp, opens for registration at 5:30 am CT,October 27! The first to sign up gets a free seat! Registration will close on November 9, or earlier if we fill up.

Put away your suitcase and your traveling shoes, you’re going to get seven all new, full-length oil painting videos, a multi-media bonus lesson in acrylic and oil, the Color Games, and much more, with all content open to you for an entire year. Watch every moment from your tablet, smartphone, or computer in the comfort of your own studio, at your own pace and speed, and stay cozy and warm in your jammies without ever leaving home!

For our class members on Facebook, I’ll also be painting livewith you during the course. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions, and even tease the teacher…all in real time, and on camera. PS: There will be prizes and surprises for you sprinkled throughout every moment of the course!

What’s new this fall? Along with seven professional quality, full-length painting videos, this class will take it up a level, with games and videos focusing on temperature, value, and the building blocks of color to help you grow. Find out the cost of class and much more by Taking a peek!

What will we be painting? Daisies, sunflowers, poppies, cottage gardens, and much more. One of the first things you’ll receive in my online workshop is an invitation to join our Facebook flower family. We’ll learn great ways to loosen up, breathe, and fall in love with fresh, bright, loose floral and garden paintings, because brilliant is your color!

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate painter, Brilliant Color Bootcamp will help you exercise your creative strengths and try new techniques to develop and build your best skills. In Brilliant Color Bootcamp, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the past 25 years for understanding color, composition, value and temperature. In this five-week course, you’ll get seven all new, full-length oil painting videos, including a multimedia lesson in acrylics and oils. Along with tons of extra video clips and studio tips, I’ve created a fun way to stretch your color wings with The Color Games. These fun, interactive games are designed to help you create a beautiful, loose, painterly path, immersing you in the foundations of color. All the oil painting videos are fresh and new, created exclusively for your new fall workshop!

  • Floral and landscape painting lessons
  • Superpower palette tips (say that really fast!)
  • Classes begin weekly November 10, open for a full year
  • Tips for nurturing your inner flower child
  • Watch from your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Open for all levels

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