Nancy Medina: Painting Brilliant Colors Spring 2017 Online Painting Workshop


Early bird registration is open!
Spring 2017

Are you ready for your next colorful adventure? I’m delighted to announce early bird registration is open for my Spring 2017 online class, Painting Brilliant Colors. We’re not letting a little frost on the heather dampen our blooms! As an early bird registrant, you will get next year’s spring class at the current year’s price, a savings of almost $100 (hey, that’s at least a few tubes of paint!).

Join over 700 artists who have already become part of the Brilliant Color Flower Family!

Beginning March 9, 2017, six weeks of classes will begin with every moment of fresh, brand new full-length videos, bonus lessons, plus dozens of studio tips and inspirations included. What’s different in 2017? We’re going to take your paintings to a whole new level, from concept to completion, and dig into the fundamentals of color. With practical exercises, I’ll share how to focus on value before diving into color, and the essential nature of transparent color as a powerful tool for giving your floral and garden paintings life.


If you’ve been a terribly good artist all year, keeping your studio clean, remembering to wash your brushes every day, you’ve earned a holiday reward! Included in your new spring course will be exclusive membership in a private Facebook community, with lots of feedback and interaction with the artist.

Tell your family to put a little brilliant color on the holiday wish list for their favorite flower painter ~ you! Here’s to a colorful, and magical holiday season!

What’s new in Spring 2017

How to take the fear out of painting
A step by step approach to compelling compositions
How to edit out reality when needed
How to break free from super tight painting
Why line is the key to drawing the eye
Identifying focal points
How the temperature of light affects each subject
Practical ways to strengthen values in all your work
How to remove cadmiums from your palette
How to infuse your own journey with joy

Winter Pink Geraniums and Pansies, 20X20, oil on deep gallery wrap canvas
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Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy’s love of art and gardening originated on her childhood farm in Scurry, Texas, where her parents were organic gardeners. Her earliest memories are of standing barefoot beneath 11 foot sunflower stalks in her family’s garden. Nancy studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King’s College, Chelsea, and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University. Today she resides with her husband and their 4 pugs in Flower Mound, Texas, where she paints daily from Flower Mound Art Studio.

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