Nancy Medina: New e-course: Painting Brilliant Colors


Painting Brilliant Colors
The first peek at a new e-course for you!
No sooner had I announced my new e-course yesterday, than the questions began to arrive – and thank you for all the congratulations, too! How long did it take to build Painting Brilliant Colors, my new online class? Nine months and – yes – some of the comparisons do seem to apply, I know what you’re thinking! When will classes begin – soon, this will be my summer course, and we are already working on the next e-course (can you believe it?). Will the material in Painting Brilliant Colors be different from what you’ve seen in my videos and classes? Absolutely, everything, every moment of Painting Brilliant Colors, is all fresh and new. Will this course apply to acrylic painters, too? While all of my demos and lessons will be in oils, I will provide support to acrylic painters via our private Facebook fan page for course members. I paint in acrylics regularly (and love them!) so I’m delighted to share the conversions with my awesomely talented acrylic students. More questions? Take a peek here for more answers!

With all of my 2016 US workshops full, it was high time to kick this flower rodeo into bloom and open my heart, my studio, and all that I can share, with you. For the first time, you can paint with me from the comfort of your own studio, without having to leave your summer gardens behind. Designed, created, and lovingly produced *lights, cameras, action!*, Painting Brilliant Colors features elegant navigation, full color inspirations and dozens of new videos.

Click here for a sneak peek!
(and a chance to win a free seat)

Each week with Painting Brilliant Colors, you’ll receive new full-length painting videos, studio tips, joyful inspirations, and a few extras to make you giggle. You’ll receive images from my flower gardens and studio designed to razzle dazzle your summer palette. When registration opens, classes will be delivered directly to your email, available for an entire year to enjoy at your own pace and speed. Registration opens in a few weeks, and I’ll share the date soon, so set your flower timers!

Here are just a few of the features from Painting Brilliant Colors:

All my “must have” superpower color recipes
Secrets for dramatically beautiful color combinations
Weekly tips for rekindling pure joy in the studio
Course materials available for an entire year
A place to breath, create and grow

Hold tight while we put the finishing touches on, polish the sparkly bits and prepare to announce the date. Your new color adventure awaits, but seats will be limited ~ may the flower force “bee” with you!

Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches throughout the US and Europe, sharing a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy’s love of art and gardening originated on her childhood farm in Scurry, Texas, where her parents were organic gardeners. Her earliest memories are of standing barefoot beneath 11 foot sunflower stalks in her family’s garden. Nancy studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King’s College, Chelsea, and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University. Today she resides with her husband and their 4 pugs in Flower Mound, Texas, where she paints daily from Flower Mound Art Studio.


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