LGAA Workshops: Dan Spangler March 18 & David Prescott April 16


Third Saturday affordable art workshops given by an LGAA members.  
Everyone is welcome, these workshops are NOT limited to members only 
$50. Contact the artist directly to sign up for their class.

Dan Spangler March 19th
Call: 817-897-3808


I am an artist with a great love of nature and the natural world.  Through my art, I seek to represent the beauty that I observe all around me.  I find it particularly compelling to paint animals in natural settings.  I am also very interested in painting people and capturing their interaction with nature, animals, and one another.”

See his work at http://danspanglerart.com

David Prescott April 16th
Call: 817-594-1720

David has always had an affinity with the animals that he paints.  His paintings are the result of many hours spent in the field observing, sketching and photographing wildlife and their unique habitats, followed by many more hours in his studio striving to reproduce that perfection of light, composition, contrast and color harmony that was observed whilst in the field.

See his work at http://www.davidlprescottwildlifeart.com

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