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Kessler Craftsman First Quarter, 2015 Class Schedule

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In response to multiple requests, I’m publishing my kiln glass teaching schedule for first quarter, 2015. As you’ll see below, in 2015, there will be two predominant types of classes:
Project based classes in which a student with NO experience/kiln glass skills can come into the studio and choose from a variety of projects, paying only for the project that they choose. As always all instruction, glass, supplies & firing is included in the cost of a particular project!
Classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced students who want to learn a specific technique or skill. Often these classes are taught as “Intensives,” meaning that the student will spend 2-3 full days in the studio/class. This is perfect for students who travel from out of town to study with kiln glass artist Larry Pile.
These will also be posted on very soon.
So now, on to the class schedule & descriptions!

1Q 2015 Classes


Saturday, Jan 10th 1:00 – 3:00 – Private Class
Saturday, Sunday – January 17th & 18th – 9:00 – 4:00 each day – Kessler Craftsman Studio Intensive Beginner’s Fused Glass – $150 per person.
Tuesday, January 20th – 7:00 – 9:00 – Kessler Craftsman Open Studio – Kessler Craftsman Studio – Make a set of coasters, a sushi plate, a vase/candle holder or candle sconce – Price depends on item made by student.


Tuesday, February 3rd 7:00 – 9:00 – Kessler Craftsman Open Studio – Kessler Craftsman Studio – Make a set of coasters, a sushi plate, a vase/candle holder or candle sconce – Price depends on item made by student.  Theme – “Valentine’s Day/Love/Friendship”.
Saturday, February 14, 9:00 – 11:00 – Dallas Arboretum – Coasters and Wine Stopper – Please call the Dallas Arboretum to register.
Saturday, February 14 – 12:00 – 2:00 – Dallas Arboretum – Make 2 V-Day Candle Sconces – Please call the Dallas Arboretum to register.
Saturday/Sunday, February 21 & 22 -Kessler Craftsman Studio – “Get a Reaction” – Reactions in Fused Glass – $175 per person.


Tuesday, March 3rd, 7:00 – 9:ol – Kessler Craftsman Open Studio – Kessler Craftsman Studio – Make a set of coasters, a sushi plate, a vase/candle holder or candle sconce – Price depends on item made by student..  Theme – “Spring”.
Tuesday March 10th6-8pm Dallas Arboretum – Sushi plate – Make one 10″ x 10″ and  one 5″ x 5″ square sushi plate – Please call the Dallas Arboretum to register.
Friday, March 13 – Sandblasting Techniques for Fusers (Extension of Coldworking class below) – $50 if enrolled in coldworking class; $75 if enrolled only in Sandblasting class – Kessler Craftsman Studio.
Saturday/Sunday, March 14 & 15 – Kessler Craftsman Studio – Coldworking Techniques for Fusers – $150 per person.

Class Descriptions & Policies

Kessler Craftsman Open Studio

This is a semi-open format for fused glass students who want to come into the Kessler Craftsman Studios and with a bit of basic instruction, make a fused Kiln glass project.  Students may make a set of 4 coasters ($55), a square sushi plate in various sizes (8″ x 8″ – $65, 10″ x 10″ – $75, 12″ x 14″ – $150), a candleholder/ vase ($65) or sconce ($65).  Cost depends on the chosen project.  RSVP requided (student does not need to have decided what they’ll make).  There will be a general theme for the class, but students may choose to follow or ignore that month’s theme.  Cost for the class includes all materials, instruction & firing.

“Beginner’s Intensive” – Fused Kiln Glass for the Beginner

This is a class for the student with no kiln glass experience.  Learn how to cut and shape glass, understand the principles of glass and heat, learn how to use a programmable glass kiln to fuse, tack and slump glass.  Learn how to shape and finish your pieces.  In the class we will make a series of test tiles/coasters and a final project.  All materials, instruction & firing included in class price.

“Get a Reaction” – Kiln Glass Reactions

For the intermediate/advanced student, this class will teach students how to create/capitalize on fused glass reactions using sulphur-based and copper-based glasses, specialized glasses and silver and copper.  Students will work with System 96 COE glass to create sample sets and then will use their newfound skills to create a 10″ x 10″ square or round plate/sculptural piece.  All materials, including a sheet of pure silver foil & silver slip, included in class price.

Basic Coldworking for Kiln Glass Artists”

Contemporary kiln glass artists understand that great kiln glass pieces don’t stop at the kiln.  Learn to texture, shape, flatten and refine your kiln glass work, turning good pieces into great pieces.  Students will use hand tools and materials and machine tools to refine a glass blank provided by the instructor OR students may bring a kiln glass piece that they wish to refine (no larger than 12″ x 12″ please).  Students will learn the correct and creative use of:  The diamond tile saw, the ring saw/band saw, the wet belt sander, the flat lap wheel, the wet angle grinder, the rock tumbler, the glass grinder and then basic hand tools such as the sickle stone, loose silicon carbide grit, etc.

Sandblasting and Basic SandCarving for the Kiln Glass Worker”

Learn how to set up and use a siphon feed and pressure feed sandblaster to etch, texture, refine and clean up your fused glass pieces, molds, etc.   Students will learn about all equipment, equipment setup, resources, etc and then will learn  how to deep-carve, etch intricate designs into iridized and dichroic glass and will discuss many creative & functional options for using the sandblaster.  Students will make a variety of samples using sandblasting and sand-carving techniques.  Take this class and the Sandblaster will become your favorite coldworking tool!


We strongly recommend that you call to register for a class immediately, as classes often fill up quickly.


Classes under $100 must be paid for at time of registration.
Classes over $100 require a 50% deposit at the time of registration and then the remainder 2 weeks in advance of the first day of class.


Cancel 2 weeks or more prior to class – 100% refund.
Outside/national instructor – refund only if we’re able to fill your spot.
Cancel 48 hours or less – 100% credit IF we are able to fill your spot?
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