Islamic Art Revival Series at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas

This is a rare opportunity to take one or more stand alone classes with visiting tutors from the UK: Richard Henry and Adam Williamson. This 2-day festival will include 6 separate 2.5 hour long classes. Participants are welcome to take one or all 6 sessions.
Classes are organised in partnership with Islamic Art Revival Series and all classes will take place at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. Discover how patterns of profound beauty and subtle complexity can be created from the simplest of means and develop practical skills in the arts and crafts of the Islamic world.
 In these unique skills based classes students use traditional methods to explore a range of classic Islamic designs from around the world and learn how to integrate freehand biomorphic motifs (Islimi/Arabesque) with geometric pattern.

Register for the full programme of courses $300 or $55/class.

Course schedule:
Monday 27th August 2018
Geometric Islamic Pattern
Arabesque Islamic Pattern
Islamic Pattern in 3D

Tuesday 28th August 2018
Arabesque Moorish Patterns
Geometric Persian Patterns
Geometric Moorish Patterns


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