Heidi Easley video on How to Teach Painting Classes


How to Teach Painting Classes Regardless of Your Confidence or Credentials!

“Just do it!.”

That is the most important thing I have to say whenever someone tells me their dream of teaching art to others.

“But I’m not sure what to teach, or if I really have anything to offer,” they respond.

And then I have to bust a lie.

LIE:  One day your doubt and fear will magically go away and then you can start teaching about art.

Truth:   Everyone has doubts and fears… until they start doing!

That’s right… Doing what you want to do, but afraid of doing it is actually what makes your fears go away.

I just watched a special and a psychologist talks about doing what you are afraid of to overcome what you are afraid of.

The best way to get started is to figure out WHY you love art so much.  What do you want to teach others about art that has been so important to you?

Also, just do it!

When I taught my first class I was terrified!    T E R R I F I E D!   

But, what I realized is that no one else really sees that!   They are focused on THEIR fear of creating art in front of friends and strangers!    

They are focused on their FEAR, not yours!!!  

Once I realized that I wasn’t the center of their life… it made me realize I was there to serve the needs of my students.   This relieved a lot of pressure for me.    This allowed me to be a person to set up an experience and a place for them to create!

If you are interested in teaching others to paint click below to watch my NEWEST 40 minute training on How to Teach Painting Classes Regardless of Your Confidence or Credentials!   

It’s a must watch if you are interested in holding Paint Parties or any kind of Artsy Class! 

I look forward to hearing what you think of the new training!


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