Free Maker Class: Learn Arduino

arduino workshop

You are invited to a free class to learn about Arduino.

Learn How to:
• Get started with the Arduino. Understand the Arduino ecosystem, tools and prototyping workflow.

• Sense The Environment. Measure physical things such as light, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, detect motion with Infrared and Ultrasonic sensors, detect acceleration, line sensors, tilt and impact.

• Interact with the Arduino using Buttons, Potentiometers, The flex sensor, Membrane potentiometer, Passive buzzer, Matrix keypads, rotary encoders and fingerprint sensors.

• Interface and control LCD displays, TFT screens, Seven Segment Displays, and 8×8 Matrix displays.

• Work with Direct current motors, Servo motors and stepper motors.

• Ethernet and Internet communications.

• Wireless communications using Wifi and Bluetooth.

• Learn to use SD cards and internal/external EEPROM.

• Taking a closer look at the Atmega microcontroller. Here we go deep into the Interrupt system, Memory management and power management (IE sleep mode and prescaling).

• Expand Arduinos capabilities using Shift registers, port expanders and real time clock.

• Controlling large current using transistors and relays.

• Location sensing using GPS.

• Create a circuit board so you can move your creation to production.


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