Find Your Voice Workshop with Juliette McCullough June 25 & 26


Find Your Voice Workshop

A weekend workshop for adults designed to re-boot creativity and access artistic direction

    Take a personal journey into your own creative drive to further your unique artistic language

   This workshop will include experiences with abstraction and reality, accidental processes and structure

      Friday June 25th 6-8pm. Saturday June 26th 1-4pm. Sunday June 27th 1-4pm

       Cost: $160 includes most materials. To register e-mail:

              or call: 646 784 7385. Space is limited. A deposit of $40 will guarantee a place.


A new picture must be a unique thing, a birth bringing to the human spirit a new figure in the representation of the world. The artist must summon all of his/her energy, and sincerity, and the greatest modesty, to shatter the old clichés that come so easily to hand while working, which can suffocate the little flower that does not come, ever, in the way one expects.

Award winning British artist Juliette McCullough has been a practicing artist and teacher at college and high school levels in Dallas for 28 years

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