Ellen Soderquist’s Life Drawing Workshop 2017


The Artists Showplace Gallery presents…

MARCH 10th & March11th
$220 Life Drawing

An effective gesture drawing not only records the necessities of the physical attributes of the model, but also embodies an essence of humanity. Establishing the weight, shape, movement and rhythm of the model’s pose provides a visual armature on which a drawing of the figure can be built. However, when the artist also achieves a certain intangible quality in his gesture drawing that evokes attitude, the drawing can even stand on its own. The thing about a gesture drawing of the human figure that is so intoxicating for the artist is that the flurry of charcoal dust or the tangled lines of graphite can coalesce into a palpable being.
Since 1979, Ellen Soderquist has been a studio artist, a teacher of life drawing and a proponent of the nude in contemporary art. As an artist, Ellen Soderquist creates intelligent and sensuous graphite drawings of the nude human body. As a teacher of life drawing, she advocates that her students learn the role of the nude in the history of art and that they communicate their ideas about humanity through their work. As a lecturer and an author, she addresses the relevance of the nude in shaping the art of a culture and the importance of the nude as an art form.

Artists’ Showplace, SW Quadrant of Coit and Arapaho, 15615 Coit Rd.  #230, Dallas, TX 75248

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