Candle Classes Start Soon. Grab a Friend…Learn A New Art.


Our brand new facility has opened in Haltom City. We offer a fun and enjoyable learning workshop on candles, soap making and other artwork forms. Our classes are designed for those people wanting to make a change using all natural based products, that are environmentally friendly and affordable.

Taking the class you will learn about:

  • The different types of Soy candle waxes
  • The dangers of paraffin candles
  • The equipment and supplies needed
  • The various techniques used to make different styles of candles
  • Choosing the correct wick for the job
  • How to choose the right mould and fragrance load for the job
  • Wicking your moulds
  • Unmolding
  • Finishing touches
  • Just how much money you can save by making your own soy candles and how to start up a Candle Business

To learn more about the classes and other valuable information you may visit our website.


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