Art Heals free online event hosted by Heidi Easley

I’ve struggled for years with anxiety and know personally the affect that painting and art has on my life.
This INTERVIEW SERIES is of ARTIST from ALL OVER THE WORLD and I have put my heart and soul into it knowing that you will benefit.
And it’s FREE!
Are you tired of feeling stressed?

Are you tired of feeling anxious? 
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and you can’t find that activity or outlet that lights you up, helps you escape the chaos?
If you are stuck in the rut of always going 150 miles an hour just to keep the house in order, kids fed, bills paid and at the end of the day you have nothing left….
Then you NEED this FREE series called ART Heals!!!
Maybe you are someone who wants to create, but doesn’t know how.
Maybe you are an artist, but have lost your mojo.
If you feel like your sucked out of creative spirit please take time to register for this free event!
Starting May 9th you will have daily access for 21 days to help inspire you and motivate you to take the next steps towards your creative future.
A creative outlet can help in so many different ways from depression, anxiety, family trama, eating disorders, multiple back surgeries, and the list goes on and on.
These interviews address serious topics and show how their life of pain, while using art, lead them out of the mess they were in.   In some cases helped them create a new and improved life free from the chains that were put on them.
These artist share their stories and their heart as we dig deep into how something painful can ultimately turn into something of beauty. 
Please share this with anyone you think may need a boost of inspiration or help out of a scary dark time.
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