“Art and Adventure Taiwan 2019” with Elizabeth Schowachert

I have spent over 18 years traveling in/around Asia and have grown to love the people, culture and visual beauty that abounds. Asia offers a unique and enriching travel experience, one that cannot be easily duplicated.

Over the years I have been asked many times if I would be willing to develop a tour of Taipei, Taiwan, a place I know very well. The time has come and I am excited to announce my first “Art and Adventure” tour of Taipei, taking place February, 19th – March 1st 2019.

This trip is intended to provide a rich cultural experience for each participant, one that is inclusive of both the arts and daily life. Over this 9 day adventure (12 days total, 3 travel and 9 in country) participants will visit museums, temples, wet markets, The Jade Market/Jiangou Holiday Flower Market, Yingge Ceramics Village/Yingge Ceramics Museum, paper & art stores and participate in a traditional Asian painting class. I will take participants to my favorite restaurants and to see the places that have touched my heart and made an indelible imprint on me.

For photos, itinerary details and registration see https://elizabethschowachertart.com/blogs/news/announcing-art-and-adventure-taiwan-2019

For more about the artist and tour guide see https://elizabethschowachertart.com


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