Art Adventure Abroad to Denmark and Germany with Darla Bostick

Enjoy an Art Adventure Abroad to Denmark and Germany with Darla Bostick

Come with Darla to explore Denmark and Germany this summer (26 June-8 July). Our adventure begins in Copenhagen where we are staying at a  6-bedroom home as we sketch, photograph and paint. We will visit museums, picnic in parks and cruise through the canals of Copenhagen. Learn how to take the memories of a trip home with you in a compact, fun way by gathering sketches and photos during the day then in the evenings we paint in our journals. Darla will teach you how to use your camera as a sketchpad “on the go” and how to journal your adventure.

Time is scheduled to rest, relax and sketch at different points during the day but we don’t  “camp out” and paint in one spot all day! There is too much to see and enjoy! After a week in Copenhagen we will spend the remaining time in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany where there are more memories to encounter! More details in the flyer: Visit Denmark in June_July with Darla

I take a spiral watercolor pad to use as my journal, a package of pitt pen markers—India ink, small brushes, pencil, tiny sprayer, kneaded eraser and I can take 28 watercolors in a tiny vitamin dispenser from the Dollar Tree—the green tray is open on the table with 4 greens.

I take a digital camera and battery charger and I’m ready to go!!

Darla has led other Art Adventure Abroad groups to Spain, Ireland and Portugal. She is a seasoned art teacher and has traveled to 60+ countries. Looking for a great art experience? Check her website for details:
Spouses and non-artists are welcome!
New for 2018! There are 2 Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreats! Check the website for details–June or October?
My Art Adventures Abroad for 2018 is Copenhagen, Denmark with Hamburg & Berlin, Germany in June/July. Registration already in progress.

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