Adults: Layers of Learning at Oil & Cotton art workshops

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Our mailing address is:
817 W. Davis St, #110
Dallas, TX 75208

Store Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm


March 24 Intro to Printmaking
April 8 Intro to Sashiko Brunch
April 8 + 15 Lost Wax Cast Bronze Jewelry
April 13 Intro to Calligraphy
April 14 Landscape: Reality, Memory, Imagination
April 22 16mm Film Experimental Emulsions: Cyanotype
April 28 Frame Loom Weaving
Apr 29 Paper Lithography Collage
May 5 Interior Painting: Color, Light, Space
May 12 Spiderweb Looms
May 11 The Art of Sign Making
May 18 Relief Printmaking
May 19 Botanical Inks + Handmade Books
May 20 Leatherworking
May 24 Intro to Glass: Three Nesting Plates Class
June 2 Marking + Stitch
Jun 4-25 Plate and Paper Lithography
Jun 8 Calligraphy: Pen & Ink
June 9 Drawing: Still Life
June 10 Marbling Paper
June 16 Twined Basket
June 21 Memory Jugs
Jun 23 Portrait Watercolor
July 8-29 DIY Screen Printing
July 14 Interior Painting: Color, Light, Space
July 20 Hand Lettering
July 21 Water-Based Media: Abstract Atmospheres
July 28 Monster Lab for Adults and Teens
July 29 Macrame Lace Plant Hanger
Aug 4 Landscape: Reality, Memory, Imagination
Aug 5 Photo Xerox Lithography
Aug 25 Portrait Watercolor
Aug 26 Leatherworking

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