Acrylic and Mixed Media Processes with instructor Deanna Wood


The Bonny Studio proudly announces an exciting new on-going class for 2015!   Acrylic and Mixed Media Processes with instructor Deanna Wood! 

(find out more about Deanna below)
TWO class time choices!
Mondays 7:00pm to 9:30 pm beginning January 12th (classes held at The Encaustic Center next to The Bonny Studio)
Fridays noon to 2:30pm beginning January 16th (classes held at The Bonny Studio)
Students should sign up for one time slot but can switch days with advance notice and confirmation. Class size is limited to 10 per time slot. Never pay for a class you do not take (see cancellation policy below)
Expand your skill set by learning new mixed media techniques and processes. In this on-going class, we will explore different techniques and experiment with various products that you can incorporate into your painting repertoire. Develop your work and personal vision in new exciting ways utilizing:
– collage
– ink
– various substrates (canvas, paper, board, etc)
– printmaking and stamping
– incorporating mediums (tar gel, sand, pouring gel, etc)
– heavy body and fluid acrylics
– image transfers
– subtractive techniques
– stencils and masks
– inks and watercolor on yupo; All Supplies Included!
Class is suitable for beginning and intermediate painters.
Classes are on-going so start anytime but sign up right away due to space limitations!
Four classes $140.00
Eight classes $245.00 (includes one free class),
Twelve classes $350.00 (includes two free classes)
Every time you go up a 4 class package increment you get an additional class free!
Prices include the use of a variety of gel mediums including heavy gel, gel varnish, light molding paste, 11×14 yupo paper, some inks and watercolor and more while you build your personal supply inventory. Some 11×14 and 16×20 canvasses and a variety of cradled boards are available for purchase at the studio.
Supplies to bring:  
Acrylic Colors
you may like to start with student grade acrylic (Academy, Basics, etc). Avoid craft paint.
(3 or 4 oz tubes)
cadmium red
alizarin crimson
pthalo blue
ultramarine blue or French ultramarine
cadmium yellow medium
yellow ochre
pthalo green
burnt sienna
burnt umber
ivory black
titanium white
Brushes a note about brushes – begin with an assortment of various sizes and shapes until you get an idea of the types and sizes that you will like/need. An inexpensive set will be perfect to start out with.
assortment of synthetic brushes (various sizes and shapes)
1”- 2” cheap hardware brush or foam craft brush
Additional Supplies
4 canvas boards – 12”x 16” (white)
palette knife
palette or disposable palette paper pad
1 roll blue painter’s tape  1 ½” or 2″
graphite pencil
erasers (kneaded and white)
18” ruler
acrylic matte medium (16 oz bottle) (some provided, but you may like to have your own)
acrylic gloss medium (8 oz bottle) (some provided, but you may like to have your own)
tool box/tackle box (for supplies)
acrylic retarder (4 oz)
spray bottle
Links etc:
matte & gloss medium (some provided, but you may like to have your own)

canvas (some available at the studio for sale)

palette knife (some provided, but you may like to have your own)

Asel Art provides a 20% discount on all supplies not already on sale by mentioning you are taking a class at The Bonny Studio: 
Additional supplies will be introduced as the class progresses.
Deanna earned her MFA from TWU and has been teaching encaustic and bookmaking at her studio for 10 years, at The Encaustic Center for 5 years and graphic design, drawing, and painting at TWU for 4 years.
Cancellation policy
Cancellations must be made BEFORE 12 hours of the scheduled class time or a class credit will be used. There is no charge for a cancellation due to illness 3 hours prior to class but please let me know asap so I can set the room up properly and allow others to join in. There is no charge for a cancellation due to an emergency. I can be reached by or by phone call voicemail or text: 214-405-5993.
If you would like to jump in on a class you have not yet scheduled in for; no problem; just email, text or call and I will get you in if there is room, even last minute!
Please schedule in asap to confirm space availability!
The Bonny Studio Classes:
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