Abstract Design and Composition in Landscapes Oil/Acrylic Workshop

Judy Wilder Dalton2

Instructor: Judy Wilder Dalton

Dates: October 20-22, 2016

Cost: $285

Learn to free yourself to paint in an emotionally expressive way.  Explore the approach to intuitive painting using movement, shapes, and layered colors. Dare to begin without a definite plan and pull it all together with a thoughtful and exciting finish. In this oil/acrylic workshop, we will explore the use of color, line, texture, structure and composition and experiment with different concepts and techniques.

Instructor Judy Wilder Dalton is a native East Texan who now resides in the beautiful and peaceful setting of Holly Lake Ranch, Texas.  Her colorful abstract oil landscapes reflect the natural settings and vivid colors of the East Texas landscapes. http://theartistsshowplace.com/abstract-landscapes

To register for this workshop, please call (972) 233-1223 or email theartistsshowplace@gmail.com.  For more information, go to www.theartistsshowplace.com.





Submitted by Shari Landa. Email: theartistsshowplace@gmail.com

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